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Osmo Action 3

Take a Closer Look


Easily attach to your backpack for effortless POV shooting of recreational activities like hiking. The strap mount can also store the action camera securely when not in use.

In The Box

Osmo Backpack Strap Mount ×1

Osmo Locking Screw × 1


Osmo Backpack Strap Mount

Weight: 66 g

Dimensions: 116.89×64.65×51.95 mm (L×W×H)

Osmo Locking Screw

Weight: 20.7 g

Dimensions: 55.6×23×13.3 mm (L×W×H)


Osmo Action 4

Osmo Action 3

DJI Action 2

Osmo Action

Osmo Pocket 3 (requires the Osmo Pocket 3 Expansion Adapter)