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Experience DIY flight with the RoboMaster TT Expansion Kit that includes an open-source controller, dot-matrix display & distance-sensing module, and extension board, which support programming with Arduino, MicroPython, and more. It can be used to upgrade TELLO EDU to RoboMaster TT.


More stable with dual-band Wi-Fi

Supports SDK, Arduino, Scratch and MicroPython Supports offline programming

Supports third-party sensors

Tof distance sensing module

Programmable dot-matrix display

Full color LED light


Please use it together with TELLO EDU or RoboMaster TT.

In The Box

Open-Source Controller x 1

Dot-Matrix Display & Distance Sensing Module x 1

Extension Board x 1

Micro USB Cable x 1

TT Snap-On Top Cover x 1


Open-Source Controller

Dimensions: 49.5×32×15.2 mm

Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz , 5.8 GHz

Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz

MCU: ESP32-D2WD, dual-core at 160 MHz, 400 MIPS

Open-Source: Supports SDK, Arduino, Scratch and MicroPython

Expansion: 14-pin expansion port (I2C, UART, SPI, GPIO, PWM, power source)

Programmable LED indicator: Full Color LED

Dot-Matrix Display & Distance Sensing Module

Dimensions: 35.3×31.5×8.6 mm

Dot-Matrix LED: Red and blue LED 8×8

Dot-Matrix Driver function: adjustable 256 global brightness, adjustable single-pixel red and blue LED 256 brightness

Distance Sensing Module: TOF

Maximum Sensing Distance of TOF: 1.2 m (indoors with white wall)

Extension Board

DIY Connection: 14-pin extension port to 2×7 pin, 2.54mm dual in-line package, two reserved positions for 5V/3.3V power indicators, two reserved positions for test indicators



RoboMaster TT

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