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The Ronin-S/SC L-Bracket Plate enables horizontal and vertical camera mounting, and a roll axis arm clamp and counterweights allow for more shooting options.

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Multiple mounting holes and counterweights for more flexible camera configuration.


Ensure the total weight of the counterweights and accessories mounted to the stabilizer do not exceed the tested payload of Ronin-S/SC.

In The Box

L-Bracket Plate × 1

L-Support × 1

Roll Axis Arm Clamp × 1

Counterweight Mounting Rail × 1

200 g Counterweight × 3

100 g Counterweight × 3

1/4'' Screw × 2

Allen Wrench × 2


L-Bracket Plate, L-Support, Roll Axis Arm Clamp, and Counterweight Mounting Rail: 203 g

Counterweight: Approx. 900 g




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