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Go Robotic with Mavic 3 Pro


While we love watching amazing aerial shots of nature and architecture, it's fantastic to see creators thinking outside the box. Stéphane Couchoud captured graceful robotic movements with Mavic 3 Pro.


Couchoud used Spotlight mode and switched between the three different lenses: 24, 70, and 166mm, creating a zoom-in and zoom-out effect that mimics the fast-paced robot arm movements. Be ready for these mind-blowing robotic cinematic shots!



@Stéphane Couchoud
Filmed with the three new different lenses: 24, 70, and 166mm

Capture different visual expressions of the same subject. The 24mm Hasselblad camera is suitable for shooting large-scale scenes. Create a sense of space and story with the 70mm medium tele camera. Punch in with the 166mm tele camera to bring the subject into focus. Simply tap the display to easily and quickly switch between different focal lengths.


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