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Must-Have Gear for Camping Photographers: Top Phone Gimbal to Elevate Your Shots

Osmo Mobile 6, DJI’s all-new smartphone gimbal stabilizer, is the perfect companion for recording those favorite camping moments. Intuitive features are set up to help you create eye-catching clips in the wilderness.

Relive Moments That Last

This compact gimbal features advanced 3-axis stabilization technology that ensures stable and smooth footage on the go. Hike and run while creating impressively smooth cinematic shots.

With one tap, you can instantly switch the orientation from landscape to portrait and share your laid-back moments on social media.

The built-in extension rod makes it easy for selfie and low-angle shooting, unlocking more angle and camera possibilities for greater creative freedom.

Elevate Your Vlog

The DJI Mimo app provides ShotGuides and easy tutorials. You can also jump to the LightCut app, which supports AI-powered one-tap editing and a range of exclusive video templates. From shooting to processing, it is a one-stop solution that is truly beginner friendly, turning your relaxed outing at your favorite camping spot or mountain hike into moments you can look back on.

Track the Adventure

The upgraded ActiveTrack 5.0 provides tracking from a farther distance and now supports the front camera to track a subject when they spin around, or turn to the side as they take in the scenery. And with the grip tripod, you can enjoy the moment too while capturing hands-free footage. The gimbal automatically follows and keeps the subject in the center of the picture to keep your subject in the center of the story.

Control With Ease

Unfold to power on, connect magnetically, and start shooting as soon as inspiration strikes.

Conveniently check and switch between gimbal modes with the new built-in status panel. Press the M button to hop between the four mode icons on the display, and use the side wheel to intuitively adjust focus and zoom. The optimized operation experience allows for flexible composition and cinematic creation wherever you may be.

Ready When You Are

If you are looking for an intelligent smartphone gimbal stabilizer for camping and vlogging, don’t miss out on Osmo Mobile 6.

Osmo Mobile 6