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Are you an adventure seeker looking to capture your thrilling sports moments on camera? Look no further than the Osmo Action 4 and its fantastic range of mounts and accessories. In this blog post, we’ll explore how these accessories can take your sports videography to the next level, allowing you to shoot fantastic footage and create captivating videos that genuinely immerse viewers in action.


Prepare yourself for an exhilarating visual journey like no other. The cutting-edge action camera mounts and accessories will redefine how you capture and relive your sports adventures.


Strap on your helmet, secure your gear and dive into an immersive world where every adrenaline-fueled moment is immortalized in stunning detail. Get ready to push the boundaries of what’s possible and showcase your daring spirit through breathtaking footage. The Osmo Action 4 is your passport to excellent sports videography that will leave viewers in awe of your fearless pursuits. Let the adventure begin!



3 Mounting ideas: What is the best position for an action camera?

Body Mount: Feel the Pulse of the Action with Chest Harness

For a close-up and stable point of view, the chest harness is your ticket to epic footage. Rock climbing, kayaking, or any intense activity becomes a cinematic experience as you securely attach the action camera to your chest. The result? Jaw-dropping shots showcase your movements and the breathtaking environment around you.

Let’s explore some real-world use cases:


1. Mountain Biking

When using a chest harness for mountain biking with an action cam, the lower angle captures more of the bike’s movement, highlighting the suspension and rider’s handling through the rough terrain. This angle offers a more engaging view of the trail, inviting viewers to experience the biker’s adrenaline rush and skill.


Tip: Adjust the camera angle upward slightly to avoid capturing excessive amounts of the handlebars and to ensure a more balanced view of the trail ahead.


2. Hiking/Walking Tours

Chest-mounted action cameras are ideal for capturing immersive footage during hikes or walking tours. The harness’s stable position showcases the surrounding environment, the walking trails, and the user’s interactions with other people or objects on their journey.


Tip: For longer hikes or tours, adjust the chest harness to be as comfortable and secure as possible without restricting movement or causing discomfort.


3. Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

A chest harness can be an excellent choice for capturing stand-up paddleboarding adventures. With its lower angle, the viewer experiences the sensations of paddleboarding, including gentle waves, water interaction, and the paddling technique.


Tip: When mounting your action camera, consider the water conditions and the possibility of water droplets obstructing the lens. Use a hydrophobic lens cover if possible to help keep the shot clear.

Osmo Action Chest Strap Mount

General tips for new action camera users to maximize their chest harness experience:


  • Adjust the fit: Ensure your chest harness is secure and fits snugly. A well-adjusted harness ensures stable footage and minimizes potential discomfort during extended periods of use.


  • Test camera angles: Experiment with different angles and tilt options on the chest harness to find the most stunning viewpoint for your chosen activity. This will help you capture compelling footage that genuinely represents your experience.


  • Camera settings: Utilize appropriate camera settings such as image stabilization, field of view, and frame rate to optimize your footage. The right combination of settings will provide smoother, high-quality footage in various lighting conditions and action levels.


By incorporating these real-world use cases and tips, new action camera users can capture epic, immersive footage using a chest harness to share unique perspectives of their adventures.



Head Mount: Get Your Head in the Game with Head Strap Mount

A head strap mount is a versatile and convenient alternative to a helmet mount. It allows users to attach their action camera to their forehead or cap with an adjustable strap. This mounting option can be used without a helmet, providing a clear point of view (POV) for capturing different activities.

1. Running, Hiking/Trekking

The head strap mount offers an eye-level perspective of the runner’s route, capturing immersive footage of the path ahead and displaying the runner’s experience in great detail. A head strap mount is also ideal for capturing the breathtaking landscapes and vistas encountered during hiking or trekking.

Tip: Ensure the head strap is tight enough to prevent bouncing while providing comfort. Utilize your action camera’s image stabilization feature, or choose a camera with built-in stabilization to minimize motion-induced shake and provide smoother footage.


2. Rock Climbing

During rock climbing, the head strap mount allows climbers to record their ascent with a freehand, natural POV. This enables viewers to see the intricacies of the climb and appreciate the challenge and skill involved.


Tip: Ensure your action camera’s battery life is optimized for extended use by adjusting settings (lowering the resolution, frame rate, or turning off Wi-Fi/GPS), and carry spare batteries. Periodically review your footage during breaks to confirm the desired framing and adjust as needed.


3. Tennis, Basketball, Parkour

With a head strap mount, tennis players can capture dynamic, first-person footage of their game. This mount helps showcase the intensity and quick reactions needed to play the sports effectively. The head strap mount offers a stable and immersive POV, capturing each leap, and jump from the athlete’s perspective.


Tip: When mounting the strap onto a cap, ensure the camera is securely fastened, and the mount fits snugly to prevent shifting during intense plays. Consider incorporating a tether for added safety. Adjust the camera’s angle to capture the court and critical areas best, testing the setup before playing.

DJI Action 2 Magnetic Headband

General tips to maximize the head mount experience:

  • Proper positioning: Adjust the head strap to fit securely and comfortably on your head or helmet, ensuring the action camera is slightly above your eyes with a forward-facing angle to capture an unobstructed view of your activity.


  • Lens orientation: Ensure the lens orientation is correctly set, either upright or upside-down, to match the mounting camera position on the head strap for a right-side-up view in the final footage.


  • Test and fine-tune: Before starting your activity, record a short test video to review the framing, camera angle, and overall stability. Make adjustments to your head mount setup for the best possible results.


A head strap ensures that users can seamlessly record their experiences without needing a helmet, providing a clear and stable perspective in a wide range of scenarios.



Helmet Mount: Get in on the Action

The helmet mount is your go-to accessory if you’re ready to take viewers on a heart-pounding journey. Imagine shredding through snowy slopes or biking down rugged trails while the Osmo Action 3 captures every exhilarating moment from your perspective. With the helmet mount, you’ll bring the excitement to life, making viewers feel like they’re right there with you.

This exciting camera angle is perfect for various scenarios, some of which we’ve outlined below:


1. Mountain Biking

Helmet-mounted action cameras are perfect for capturing the thrill of mountain biking, with the camera angle providing a dynamic view of the terrain ahead, including the steep descents, sharp turns, and challenging obstacles.


Tip: Ensure your helmet is securely fastened and correctly positioned before attaching the action camera mount. As the trails can be unpredictable, checking the camera angle beforehand will help avoid capturing excessive sky or ground footage.


2. Snowboarding/Skiing

Recording your snowboarding or skiing adventures with a helmet-mounted action camera allows viewers to experience the exhilarating descents and jumps as if they were alongside you. The helmet mount also adds an element of stability to your recording, ensuring smoother footage.

Tip: Use the correct adhesive mounts or attachment accessories for your helmet type. Consider using a tether or additional safety clip to secure the action camera if the primary mount dislodges during a fall or an impact.


Alternatively, consider using helmet chin mount.


3. Skydiving/Paragliding

Helmet mounts are ideal for capturing the adrenaline-pumping experience of free-falling or gliding from above. The first-person view offers an unparalleled perspective of the surrounding landscape and the sensation of flight.


Tip: For aerial activities, ensure the camera and mount are securely attached to the helmet in a position that doesn’t impede your view or cause unnecessary drag, as well as take winds and speed into consideration during the setup.

General tips to maximize the helmet mount experience:

  • Prioritize safety: Consider safety precautions when using a helmet mount. Ensure that attaching an action camera does not compromise the helmet’s structural integrity or interfere with its protective capabilities.


  • Test your angles: Experiment with different camera angles and positions on your helmet before a recording session. This will help you find the best viewpoint for your specific activity, eliminating the need for adjustments during the action.


  • Appropriate mounts: Choose a helmet mount designed explicitly for your action camera model. This will ensure optimal compatibility and stability, minimizing the risk of losing your camera during your adventures.


By incorporating these considerations and tips, you can maximize your enjoyment and share your experiences in an immersive and captivating way using a helmet mount.



Other Popular Mounting Methods

Handlebar Mount: Roll with the Best

Cycling enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Mount your action camera on your bike’s handlebars and capture the essence of your rides using the handlebar mount. From leisurely cruises along scenic routes to conquering challenging terrains, this mount ensures smooth and high-quality footage that truly captures the thrill of the ride. Get ready to share your cycling adventures like never before.

Osmo Action Handlebar MountOsmo Action Mini Handlebar Mount

Tip: Stabilize your footage – Since handlebar-mounted action cameras are more exposed to vibrations from your bike, ensuring your footage remains smooth is essential. Use your camera’s built-in image stabilization (if available) or invest in a quality handlebar mount with shock absorption features to minimize unwanted shakes and bumps, keeping the captured footage smooth for viewers. Additionally, consider using a higher frame rate, as it can help preserve details during fast-paced rides and reduce motion blur.

Suction Cup Mount: Unleash Your Creativity

Are you looking for versatility and dynamic angles? The suction cup mount has got you covered. Whether you’re attaching the Osmo Action 3 to a car window, surfboard, or kayak, this mount provides a secure grip and stable shots. Let your imagination run wild as you explore unique perspectives, adding excitement and creativity to your videos.

Osmo Action Suction Cup Mount

Tip: Ensure a strong, secure grip – when using a suction cup mount, it’s crucial to attach it to a clean, smooth, and non-porous surface to achieve optimal grip and stability. Before mounting, thoroughly clean the surface you plan to secure the suction cup to and the suction cup’s base, removing any dirt, dust, or moisture. Press the suction cup firmly against the surface, ensuring it’s securely attached before using the locking mechanism.



Selfie Stick: Include Everyone in the Frame

The selfie stick becomes your trusty companion when you’re out with friends or enjoying solo adventures. Extend it, attach your Osmo Action 3, and capture those priceless moments.

Osmo Action Mini Extension RodOsmo Action 1.5m Extension Rod Kit

The selfie stick allows you to frame yourself and your crew effortlessly, ensuring no one misses the action. Whether hiking, attending a sporting event, or simply goofing around, the selfie stick helps you efficiently document memories.

Waterproof Housing: Dive into New Depths

Don’t let water be a barrier to capturing incredible footage. With the waterproof housing for the Osmo Action 3, you can explore aquatic sports and activities worry-free.

Other brands may have unique mounting systems or proprietary accessories, but many also offer adapters to make their cameras compatible with popular mounting systems.


It’s essential to check the compatibility of the mounts with your specific action camera model when purchasing new accessories or mounts.


To sum up, while not all action cameras use the same mounts, there is a general standard in the industry that makes it relatively easy to find compatible mounts and accessories. Always double-check compatibility before purchasing any mounts or attachments for your action camera.



With the diverse range of action camera mounts and accessories available for action cameras like the Osmo Action 3, you have the power to revolutionize your sports videography. Each accessory offers unique advantages, from the helmet mount that immerses viewers in the heart of the action to the selfie stick that captures group memories.


So grab your Osmo Action 3, equip it with the suitable mount for your adventure, and get ready to shoot epic footage that leaves your audience breathless. Take your sports videos to new heights and share your exhilarating experiences with the world!