10 Breathtaking Ocean Images

2018 SkyPixel Contest Weekly Selection: Issue 14

The ocean. Covering over 70% of the earth’s surface, these bodies of water are home to countless species of life. For humans, the ocean is a place of wonder, adventure, mystery, and magic. In this week’s selection of 2018 SkyPixel Contest entries, witness the power of our blue planet, from above. Click here to see more entries.

1. Feeding Time | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Feeding Time


Photographer: BenMack

Just outside of Sydney’s Tamarama Beach, a gargantuan school of salmon is disrupted by a solitary shark looking to feed.

2. Surfer in the Balian Ocean | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Suffer in the ocean

Photographer: Pikelman

A short rest in wave sets allows this surfer to paddle through the whitewash and push ahead to the outer reef, where larger breaks await him.

3. An Ocean Galaxy | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

An Ocean Galaxy

Photographer: Luke Bell

Surrounded by clumps of ice and snow in the Antarctic Peninsula, a yacht appears to be floating adrift in the cosmos.

4. Crabeater Seals Feeding | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Florian Ledoux

Over 100 crabeater seals approach a school of krill, forming a wall of teeth against a broken, frozen coast in the Antarctic Peninsula.

5. Paddling with the Pod | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Anders Carlson

A snorkeler and outrigger canoe delight in a chance encounter with a pod of spinner dolphins. They curiously surround and swim past the pair in calm, clear Hawaiian waters.

6. Climbing The Water | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Shimon Perlstein

Rock reefs protrude along this patch of Israeli coast, providing a mountainous terrain for a surfer that turns her paddling into an illusion of climbing.

7. Surfing Fun | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Photographer: Kyle Goetsch

With a clear sky and clearer waters, a cluster of surfers has found a perfect afternoon.

8. Paradise or House Party? | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro


Photographer: Panvelvet

To surfers, the Philippine island of Siargao is at-once a legendary break and heavenly escape. To these explorers, it’s a landscape of adventure to hop from one small island to the next.

9. Arctic Surfing | Equipment: Phantom 3 Professional

Photographer: Smit Smitty

Surfers are known to be cut from a different cloth. Where ordinary people wouldn’t dare dip their feet in Arctic waters, surfers like this one in Russia’s Ussuri Bay relish in the thought of riding a frigid wave.

10. Heart Supernova | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Photographer: Erwin Doorn

The power of nature is in full display when the water meets the shore. Breaking around this protruding rock, these waves form a lovely heart shape, baring the soul of the ocean.