7 Perfect Summer Moments You Can Capture with Your Drone

Camera drones bring more opportunities to take amazing photos. When you’re out with yours, be sure to grab all of your drone gear and bring along plenty of memory storage space before you head out on your next camping trip or beachside rendezvous.  COOPH, an online photography mag & YouTube channel,  presents amazing drone photography ideas. Keep these simple tips in mind and maximize your photographic potential. Let’s shoot 7 perfect moments with your drone!

All photographs by Christoph Oberschneider using the DJI Mavic Pro

1. Shoot your sport

Whether you are playing flag football with your friends or watching your kid’s weekend soccer tournament, getting impressive action photos of your favorite sport is easy. Find new perspectives to get unique aerial shots. Shooting the action from a drone gives more angles that capture all the intricate athletic skills that cameras on the ground just cannot achieve. And don’t just stop at the players! Look out for cool patterns below to provide an appealing visual aspect to the pictures.

2. Share your perspective

Find an epic view or landmark. Maybe you have a favorite secluded spot or a setting that looks out over busy streets. Whatever the place, get yourself in the shot for a third person view. Looking out from a high vantage point with your drone positioned from behind can create a stunning image. Strike a pose while you are in a position to claim your spot on top of the world.

3. Make the most of a water backdrop

Obtain some great aerial footage from your drone at the pool, lake, river, or ocean. If you want to make your image pop, use colorful props. A bright object positioned in the right location can make your subject stand out. Be creative and have fun!

4. Get the most out of your BBQ

Capture special moments from above. Light the grill with your friends and family, but also make sure to take unique photos. Nothing beats the smoky aroma rising from a backyard barbecue. Make it memorable with a shot of the smoke curling toward the sky for added dimensionality. Once all the food is spread out on the picnic table, grab a snapshot before digging in.

5. Make words and shapes

Having a camera drone is ideal for capturing large patterns from the sky. Find a plain surface and team up to share a message. Spell out words or phrases that can only be seen from above using your friends or nearby objects. On grass, you can even make some unique crop circle designs and catch the evidence overhead. Get creative with props! Lie on the ground in an action pose and position props in a comic-style flare to add excitement to your scene.

6. Add a sense of drama

Let your pictures speak volumes for you with dramatic scenery. Find a large cliff and shoot over the edge. The vertical depth creates a sense of vertigo for the viewer. This added 3D effect makes your photos come alive and give the sensation that the viewer is falling into the picture. This type of shot is what makes captivating photography.

7. Camp out!

Perhaps you are backpacking across the country, rocking climbing, or scaling the side of a glacier. Maybe you want a fun end-of-summer camping trip in your backyard. Wherever adventure takes you, don’t let a photo opportunity go to waste. Set up a great campsite, start a campfire, light a tent from inside, then hover your drone steady and shoot with a low shutter speed. Nothing beats the great outdoors!

Bonus Tip: Always stay cool!

Keep a level head in on your journey and stay hydrated.  Wherever you’re headed, you should always be prepared. Don’t get stuck in a bad situation, but get ready just in case, while understanding your limitations and abilities. Just have fun and stay safe!

About COOPH:

The Cooperative of Photography is a community-focused photography online magazine and YouTube channel, demonstrating awesome tips and tricks to up your photography game. Visit COOPH

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