DJI Pocket 2: 5 Great Shooting Scenarios

DJI Pocket 2 scenarios

For active photographers, vloggers, and content creators, the type of camera you choose for shooting is crucial for making quality content. Sometimes a clunky DSLR or smartphone camera isn’t ideal for the kind of shot you want.

This article will cover five scenarios where DJI Pocket 2, DJI’s latest mini camera-gimbal hybrid, is the perfect choice for capturing stunning photos and videos, including a handy guide for livestreaming.

Pocket 2 for Kids and Pets

DJI Pocket 2 activetrack

Parents and pet owners know that getting children and animals to sit still for photos is an impossible task. DJI Pocket 2’s built-in gimbal features 3-axis stabilization to help you take smooth and stable footage of your kids and pets while they’re on the move. Along with excellent stabilization, Pocket 2 also includes upgraded ActiveTrack 3.0 and FaceTrack features that will keep your children and pets in the shot to make sure you don’t miss their precious moments.

Party with Pocket 2

Don’t be a wallflower and trying shooting your next party or at-home event with DJI Pocket 2. With a 93° field of view, Pocket 2 fits all of your friends in the frame to make sure you capture every second of fun. If you can’t wait to share the best moments of the party with friends, use Pocket 2 together with DJI Mimo’s AI editor to enhance your footage automatically as you shoot and save time from editing manually. With DJI Pocket 2, every party will be unforgettable.

Travel with Pocket 2

DJI Pocket 2 Night

DJI Pocket 2 features a lightweight, ultra-portable design that makes it a great companion for your next travel excursion. Instead of killing your back carrying a bulky camera bag, slip Pocket 2 into your backpack, purse, or pants pocket, and you’re ready to go. This next-generation mini gimbal camera also shoots 4K/60fps footage at 64 MP resolution, allowing you to capture landscapes in stunning detail and leave your large telephoto lenses at home. Finally, Pocket 2’s Fast Wake feature turns on the camera immediately after powering on, ensuring you’ll never miss shooting your favorite bits of scenery while on-the-go.

Get Outdoors with Pocket 2

DJI Pocket 2 HDR video

Camping under the stars? Hiking up a majestic mountain path? Bring DJI Pocket 2 and record your outdoor adventures in vivid HDR video. Pocket 2 separates exposure levels by area and layers images to make footage pop with life-like detail. Capture the sunlight glistening off the deep blue ocean, or the vibrant reds and oranges of tree leaves changing color in the fall. Snap a panorama of a sweeping evergreen forest or catch a Timelapse shot of the sun setting over desert sands. Pocket 2’s high-level image quality and features guarantee that every outdoor moment is memorable.

Rock Out with Pocket 2

Whether you’re filming a garage jam session or live streaming from the mosh pit of a rock concert, DJI Pocket 2 has the right tools to help keep your footage live and loud. For a dynamic audio experience, use the Audio Zoom feature to capture crisp, clear sound as you zoom in on the band. Immerse yourself in the music with Pocket 2’s DJI Matrix Stereo system and its four directional microphones. Fans looking to share their experience with friends can also connect Pocket 2 to the DJI Mimo app and use Live Stream to stream the concert directly via Facebook or YouTube. DJI Pocket 2 will bring the music to your viewers in spectacular detail.

To learn more about using DJI Pocket 2 for livestreaming, check out our livestreaming guide:

And don’t feel like you’re limited to just five scenarios when using DJI Pocket 2. This camera’s small size, extreme portability, 3-axis stabilization, clear audio, and 4K HDR image quality make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to create incredible content. If you’re interested in learning more about how Pocket 2 can improve the way you shoot, head over to the official DJI Store and prepare to be amazed.


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