The Mavic 2 series includes the latest technical innovations of DJI. It pushes the limits of possibility in aerial photography and turns every flight into a unique experience. However, there are some extra gadgets that can make these adventures even more delightful. Check out these 10 must-have accessories for your Mavic 2 that will help you avoid common problems when flying a drone. 

All-In-One Combo: Mavic 2 Fly More Kit

We highly recommend that you get the Mavic 2 Fly More Kit. It contains five accessories for a lower price than buying each item individually.

The Mavic 2 Fly More Kit includes:

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Let us explain why these accessories are so essential.

2 Batteries

This doesn’t need too much explanation. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot, 20 minutes of flight time is not enough in most cases. With these spare batteries, you will have much more flight time to get those perfect shots.

Another tip: Plan your sessions in advance so you don’t waste time while your Mavic 2 is in the air.


Battery Charging Hub

Stop wasting time charging your batteries one by one. What if there was an accessory that allowed you to charge several batteries at once? The Mavic 2 battery charging hub makes this possible. Use this tool to power up four batteries in sequence.

Six hours are needed to fully charge four batteries.


2 Pairs of Low-Noise Propellers

Usually, propellers are the first things to get worn-out. It’s always good to have some spare pairs of propellers just in case your current low-noise propellers become unusable. Not being able to fly because of damaged propellers can be frustrating.


Car Charger

This accessory is especially useful if you need to use your Mavic 2 in several different locations. While driving to the next destination, you can charge your batteries and be ready for the next take off.

The car charger needs 1.5 hours to fully charge a battery.


Battery to Power Bank Adaptor

Using the DJI GO 4 app drains a lot of your mobile device power. Through this small adapter, you are able to charge your mobile device with an Intelligent Flight Battery.

Don’t let your powerless mobile device drag you down!


Shoulder Bag

You can store your Mavic 2 and its most important accessories in this classy, but simple shoulder bag. Additionally, it protects your beloved drone from all potential damages caused during transport. Another highlight is its compact size, which makes the bag really handy.

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Other Must-Have Accessories:

Besides the Fly More Kit, there are other types of accessories which can make your Mavic 2 flight experience even more special.

MicroSD Card

Just imagine your Mavic 2 is in the air without an inserted micro SD Card. It’s the perfect scene with a perfect angle. However, when you press the button to capture the perfect shot, the app notifies you that your drone’s internal storage has reached its limit. While you enter the editor and think over which photo or video to delete, you have probably already missed a great shot. Remember to put a micro SD card into your aircraft to avoid these kinds of situation.

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Propeller Guards

These guards don’t just prevent propeller damage. They also shield people and objects that get too close to these fast-spinning blades. Even though the propellers don’t look very harmful, they can cause some serious damage while spinning.

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ND Filter Set

When you shoot in environments with strong sunlight, use ND filters to avoid overly bright images. There are two different sets made for the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. Both sets include ND4, ND8 and ND16 filters, which reduces light by 2/3/4 stops.

Get your own ND filters now to ensure more image clarity.

Price for Pro ND Filter Set 

Price for Zoom ND Filter Set


Mavic Remote Controller Monitor Hood/PGYTECH Smartphone Screen Hood for Remote Controller

Intense sunlight is not just bad for the image quality of your shots. It also influences the view of your mobile device. With a screen hood, you can easily avoid this problem. It will protect your tablet or smartphone from direct sunlight to give you a clear view of your display. This is a perfect tool that will allow you to fly your Mavic 2 on sunny days.

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Check out the price

What are you waiting for? Enjoy longer flight time, advanced charging, and improved safety thanks to these must-have accessories. Most of them are included in the Mavic 2 Fly More Kit and you don’t have to be an ace in mathematics to know what great deal this is. Enhance your flight experience when using any of the listed accessories.

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