Phantom 4 Advanced – Unboxing & First Look!

Phantom 4 Advanced unboxing Phantom 4 Advanced unboxing

On April 13th, DJI released the latest Phantom drone family member, the Phantom 4 Advanced. The now iconic Phantom series has become a major cornerstone of DJI’s product line as well as the drone market itself.

The Phantom 4 Advanced is aerial photography personified with an advanced imaging system. Its 1-inch 20 megapixel sensor is capable of shooting 4K/60 fps video, and all the camera specs are on a par with the Phantom 4 Pro. The Phantom 4 Advanced is only shy of the Phantom 4 Pro when it comes to obstacle avoidance. Otherwise, the flight systems are all the same. To learn the details, you can check out our article on: Phantom 4 Advanced vs Phantom 4 Pro: 4 Differences You Need to Know

The flight system of the Phantom 4 Advanced will satisfy most buyers, and it is more affordably priced ($1,199 USD) than the Phantom 4 Pro ($1,729 USD). Now photography enthusiasts have a new option of a high-end drone with professional-level camera capabilities.

So what does it look like? Does it even look like the Phantom 4 Pro? Let’s dive into the box and find out!

What’s in the Box?

 ▲  Retail outer-box.

▲  An airline carry-on sized grey foam hard case.


▲  In the box, find the P4A remote controller, P4A aircraft, 2 sets of 4 propellors in a soft bag, micro USB cable, USB OTG cable, charger, and warranty/instructional guide.

▲  Warranty, instructions and DJI Care Refresh information are documents that will definitely come in handy.


▲   The white shelled Phantom 4 Advanced is built with a titanium and magnesium alloy, keeping the airframe both rigid and light. It comes integrated with a 3-axis gimbal and 20 MP 1″ CMOS camera.

▲   The optimized propulsion system gives it a maximum speed of 45 mph in S-mode.

▲   The details of aircraft arm.

▲ The dual forward vision sensors can see as far as 30 m out in front, and enable auto brake, hover or detour in front of obstacles within a 15-meter range.

▲ Heat emission holes in the body

▲ The “eyes” in the center are the downward vision system, which helps the drone hover precisely in complex environment



▲ It is equipped with the same camera as the Phantom 4 Pro.

▲ A 1-inch 20 megapixel sensor for professional level photography.

▲ A 3-axis gimbal for optimal stabilization.


▲ The Intelligent Flight Battery has a 5870 mAh capacity.

▲ It powers the aircraft with up to 30 minutes of flight time.


▲ Four pairs of propellers.

▲ Install the propellors with ease.

Remote Controller

▲ The Phantom 4 Advanced remote controller comes with a clamp for your mobile device or tablet.

What’s the same with Phantom 4 Pro?

▲ Front appearance is the same.

▲ Appearance from above is the same.

▲  The Intelligent Flight Battery of both aircraft is the same.

What’s the differences with Phantom 4 Pro?

▲  The Phantom 4 Advanced has no infrared sensing systems on both sides.

▲  The appearance on the two sides of both aircraft is different.

▲  The Phantom 4 Pro has infrared vision sensors on its sides, while the Phantom 4 Advanced does not.

▲  The Phantom 4 Advanced is not capable of rear obstacle avoidance.

▲  From this angle, the difference in appearance of both aircraft are visible.

Well, this is the first look of Phantom 4 Advance. Thanks for reading!

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