Phantom 4 Series Accessories You Need Part One: Must-Haves

Phantom 4 Propeller Guard

Phantom 4 series drones are easy to fly and set up right out of the box. However, making do with just the basics isn’t always ideal. A less-than-fully-charged battery can cut your flight session short and damaged propellers can pose safety hazards. If you want to get the most out of your new Phantom 4 series drone, these essential accessories will not only ensure worry-free flight, but also provide the ultimate drone-flying experience.

  1. Extra Intelligent Flight Batteries  Check the Price 

After a long hike, you’ve made it to the top of the mountain, navigating your Phantom 4 series drone successfully through the skies. The last thing you want to see is a low battery warning. With 30 minutes of flight time, a single Intelligent Flight Battery often leaves pilots wanting more, and recharging is usually not an option. That’s why you can never go wrong with an extra battery or two… or three!

Phantom 4 series battery

  1. A Battery Charging Hub  Check the Price

Now that you have a whole set of extra batteries, just charge them one by one, right? Well, with a Battery Charging Hub, charging gets a whole lot easier. The hub charges up to three batteries in sequence according to their power levels, fully charging each of your batteries as fast as possible. Storage mode lets the hub charge batteries to an ideal 50% for long-term storage, prolonging battery life.

Phantom 4 series charging hub
Phantom 4 series charging hub

  1. Extra Sets of Propellers Check the Price

Although state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance helps Phantom 4 series drones prevent collisions, accidents can happen. When propellers become damaged, they can affect balance, flight efficiency, and propulsion, so it’s good to have at least two extra sets at hand. Phantom 4 series propellers

  1. Propeller Guards Check the Price

If you’re no stranger to drones, you know that in order for the Phantom 4 series to reach great heights and perform expert aerial maneuvers, the propellers need to spin at a blindingly fast rate. For users looking for more peace of mind, easily mountable Propeller Guards protect people and objects nearby. They can also come in handy for experienced drone users when flying in tight spaces or indoors.

Phantom 4 series propeller guard
Phantom 4 series propeller guard

  1. A Multifunctional Backpack Check the Price

Smartly designed, the multifunctional backpack is strong and water resistant to keep everything in great shape whether you’re driving, climbing, or running to your takeoff point. Multiple pockets inside and outside store anything from your keys and wallet to external hard drives. Best of all, a dedicated laptop compartment can hold a 15” MacBook Pro, letting you edit and upload aerial videos wherever you go.

Phantom series multifunctional backpack
Phantom series multifunctional backpack

No matter what kind of drone user you are, these five accessories are helpful additions to keep your Phantom 4 series drone working like new, giving you everything you need for a memorable flight.

Thanks for reading! In part two we discuss accessories you’ll need if you take your Phantom 4 series that are ideal for traveling. See you next time!


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