10 Adventures on Land, Sea, & Air

2018 SkyPixel Contest Weekly Selection: Issue 12

Humans have always been compelled to interact with the world around them. Rather than just admire these surroundings, we are driven with a desire to run, climb, and reach as far as we can. In this week’s selection of 2018 SkyPixel Contest entries, witness the different ways that we move with the world.

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1. The Origin of Human Skiing – Xinjiang | Equipment: Inspire 2

Photographer: Old van

Old van and his friend fly through the air while carving fresh paths into the side of a snow-covered mountain in Xinjiang.


2. Grow Up in The Mountain | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Raipuon

Enjoy gorgeous views from above as a pair of professional mountain bikers climb ascents, cross switchbacks, and ride along a cliff’s edge with ease.


3. Lone Shadow | Pierre Real | Equipment: Phantom 3 4K

Photographer: Fabian Mct

Pierre Real braves the bitter cold, rolling, sliding, and catching air above a new layer of snow on the trails of Singletracks Bike Park in France.


4. Mountain Skating | Equipment: Mavic Air

Photographer: Zhong_Yusong

The traditions of Ancient China and the thrill of freestyle slalom skating coalesce in a video of spectacular views and incredible skill.


5. Grand Traverse on Ice | Equipment: Inspire 1 Pro

Photographer: Mark Goethel

In January, waterways across Michigan are entirely frozen, allowing people to fly across them on ice skates, pushing the limits of their speed and precision.


6. Ice Climbing | Equipment: Inspire 2

Photographer: JDrone

Even rushing waterfalls can’t escape the winter. Once encased in ice, climbers use sharp tools to grab hold and ascend these frozen towers.


7. SUNSET – SUNLINE – Stand Up Paddle Surfing | Equipment: Phantom 4

Photographer: Saiki Creative Works

On the right tide, the shores of Japan are lined with surfboards from sunrise to sunset. Siki Creative Works captures the zen of standup paddle surfing.


8. Cervinia MTB Experience, Italy | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Photographer: lupoasaf

Italy’s legendary Matterhorn provides thrills, whether or not the ground is covered in snow. Among the pristine lake and picturesque mountain passes, mountain bikers navigate their way through the endless landscape.


9. A Sailing Rocket | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Federico Benini Floriani

Through a passion for sailboat racing, Federico is able to experience his home country of Italy in a unique, adventurous way. Aboard his carbon fiber vessel, he zips across the sea at dizzying speeds.


10. Ski Trip 2018 #Sybelles France | Equipment: Phantom 3 Advanced

Photographer: Dean Virant

Dean and his friends spent the past winter skiing and snowboarding in Les Sybelles, France. With open slopes as far as the eye could see, all they needed was a few days to create epic memories for a lifetime.