Top 10 Quick Tips – Unleash Osmo Pocket’s Full Potential

Due to its compact size, powerful performance, ability to shoot up to 4k/60fps video, and various features – ActiveTrack, Panorama, and Timelapse to name a few – Osmo Pocket truly has become the next step for vlogging equipment.

This article provides new users with basic operation tips, helping them to understand their Osmo Pocket better.

Tip 1: Camera Controls

Drag the gimbal slider at the right side of Osmo Pocket’s display to tilt the camera up and down.

For advanced controls, connect Osmo Pocket to the DJI Mimo app. You can also disable Gimbal Easy Control in the app to make super-accurate adjustments.

Tip 2: Recenter the Gimbal

Double tap the Power/Function button to recenter the gimbal or tap on the Recenter icon in the Mimo app.

Tip 3: Flashlight Mode

Use Flashlight mode to take advantage of Osmo Pocket’s compact size and shoot in small spaces.

Tip 4: Ensure Sound Quality

You might be wondering about the sound quality of videos that have been recorded with Osmo Pocket. Make sure you are holding Osmo Pocket correctly when recording audio. Please don’t cover these two areas to ensure good sound quality.

Tip 5: Switch between AFC and AFS

Switch between Autofocus Continues (AFC) and Autofocus Single (AFS) depending on whether you’re shooting a scene with or without motion. Either you change the focus mode directly in Osmo Pocket’s settings,

or in the photo settings of the Mimo app.

Use AFC for shooting scenes with a lot of motion.
Use AFS for shooting scenes with limited or no motion.

Tip 6: Exposure Adjustments

There are two ways to avoid over or underexposed images.

Like in the DJI GO and DJI GO 4 apps, you can adjust the exposure settings in the Mimo app manually or automatically.

When choosing Manual, change the ISO, shutter speed, or exposure value until your image doesn’t appear too bright or too dark.

If you choose Automatic, tap on the different areas of your smartphone screen until getting the right exposure. Hold your finger on the area with your desired exposure until a lock icon appears at the lower left corner of the yellow frame.

Tip 7: Change Image Ratio

Different image ratios offer more flexibility to compose your shot, which is why Osmo Pocket supports 16:9, 4:3, and 3:2.

You can change the image ratio when activating Pro mode or in the Mimo app.

Tip 8: Activate Gridlines

The rule of thirds is the classic guide to find a good composition for your shot. Activate the gridlines in the Mimo app and place the main object(s) of the picture along the lines or at intersection points.

Tip 9: Like Footage in Gallery

In the gallery, you can like images and videos which will be shown in the LIKE section, separated from pictures and video footage you didn’t like. This feature comes in handy, especially during long shooting sessions. Even if you have a huge amount of shots stored, you will find the ones you like in no time.

Tip 10: Charge While You Shoot

If you notice that your Osmo Pocket‘s battery life is low, but you need to continue shooting, connect the device to a power bank. The portable energy source enables you to charge Osmo Pocket and capture photos and videos simultaneously.

Final Tip: Always Be Ready

For all its amazing features and abilities, Osmo Pocket was made to be the camera all your moments deserve, whether they’re planned or totally unexpected. This is exactly why Osmo Pocket was made to fit in the smallest of spaces – so you can keep it anywhere and start recording instantly.

Make sure that whenever you’re headed out the door, check if you have all your essentials: your keys, your phone, and of course, your Osmo Pocket.

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