DJI Spring ©Maksim Tarasov

Spring is in the Air

Slowly but surely, spring is gradually seeping into existence, seen in the blooming flowers, increased birdsong, and blue skies overlaid with clouds.
Such beautiful backdrops and sceneries are perfect for taking off with your trusty DJI drone for a breathtaking aerial shot. There’s no better way to capture the welcome ambiance of spring than from high above earth’s changing colors.
If you’re unsure how to dive into spring photography, read ahead for some beautiful examples of all the creative possibilities out there. There are stunning photography locations everywhere, as well as perfectly executed ideas to bring your creation to life. Read on to put a spring in your step with gorgeous aerial images.

Protagonists of Spring

Yellow Flower ©preksha…

Flowers are the unmistakable stars of springtime. Eye-catching colors and unique shapes and patterns add to the ambiance of a shot, and there is no better way to convey the beauty of spring than brightly-colored petals.
While you head out to your shooting location, be on the lookout for flowers and hues that draw your eye or stand out from their background. Large areas of the same color can add a soft edge of romance to your photo such as the swathes of pink flowers below.

The Bloom of Cherry Blossoms ©非著名摄影师 | Equipment: Mavic Air

For a closer, detailed shot, hover right above your subject to fully capture the beauty of each freshly-picked flower. Ensure your drone is stable for clear, vivid details. Play with angles to create different perspectives and lighting, and shoot near a body of water for even more options.

Flower boat ©Khánh Phan | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

Parks and gardens are usually easily accessible, making them fantastic spots to find spring subjects. Early blossoms, carefully planted flowers, and sprouting trees make great captures from the sky, as well as well-designed pathways and architecture. Spring does not discriminate, and cities and urban areas might offer more possibilities than assumed. You might walk by the same park every day and not notice the flower hiding in plain sight.

World Flower ©Luxlusive | Equipment: Mavic Air

While parks and gardens are beautiful locations to enjoy the transforming landscape, flower fields and meadows can prove to be an even brighter spectacle. An overabundance of rich colors paired with clear lines can create a truly one-of-a-kind composition from above.

Red/Yellow Flower Army ©Cuno de Bruin | Equipment: Mavic Pro

The Tulip fields ©Fairway Flyovers | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Alternatively, shift the focus to you and a friend. A shot of the photographer can be a fun addition, and the warm weather helps turn a photography session into a lovely adventure under the sun.

Flower dronie 😉 ©Victoria Volchenko

Valleys, Views, and Vibrancy

The beauty of aerial photography is the ability to observe the world from an entirely different viewpoint. Spring can also be found in the bright vitality of wild vegetation, overgrown forests, and green farmlands. It is a time of rebirth, growth, and renewed energy. Young saplings, brilliant foliage, and pastures that seem to stretch on forever make for fantastic aerial photos. Take your drone way up in the sky or keep it close, capturing details that you would not otherwise notice.

Search of fern flower ©Taavi Purtsak | Equipment: Mavic Pro

If you are able to fly to greater heights safely, shoot an entire valley transitioning from winter to spring. Make sure you are equipped to shoot in strong lighting conditions so that your images are not overexposed. The sun breaking out from behind clouds is stunning only if the rest of your image is not washed out!

Spring morning in Upper Austria ©Vasily Iakovlev | Equipment: Mavic Pro

White clouds floating across a vibrant blue sky is a sign that spring has sprung. A fun option to capture the beautiful heavens is to utilize reflective surfaces such as bodies of water. This results in an image that combines the beauty of spring both on the ground and in the air.

Sailing in the sky ©Vladislav Terziiski | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Spring is a time of transition, so shooting farmlands and pastures is another excellent way to capture the subtle changes of nature. Frame your shots with clear lines to create more depth, as exemplified in the photo below. A well-framed shot draws the eye to points of interest, resulting in a pleasant and complete composition.

Spring in Val d’Orcia ©Vasily Iakovlev | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Soaking in the Sun

Springtime cannot be thoroughly enjoyed without the sun. The horizon is an impressive subject, and shooting at different times and locations gives you a variety of shots to choose from. A warm glow adds an added touch of relaxed happiness to your image that only sunshine can bring.

Flower field ©Kamran Rahmani

Spring does not have one specific look or shade, as can be seen in the unique colors of springtime in Kunming, China below. Time your aerial photography session to take full advantage of the sun and shadows, ensuring the best color combinations and angles.

Kunming in Spring | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

As always, the most important tip is to have fun and be safe. Aerial photography is a freeing experience, and you will end up with unique perspectives of the beautiful places you visit. As the world sheds the cold weather in favor of brighter, warmer days, venture outdoors to enjoy the changing colors and picturesque landscapes. Spring is no longer just around the corner; take to the skies and capture it all!

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