The Best FPV Racing Drone for You

To be a good racing drone pilot, the first thing you will need is a good FPV racing drone. Selecting the right parts can sometimes be confusing for beginners. Luckily, this buying guide was made just for you. By the time you’re through, you will understand the essential parts that make a great FPV racing drone, and you’ll soon take off on your own epic aerial adventures.

The first thing you will need is the DJI Digital FPV System.

The DJI Digital FPV System provides an immersive racing experience that makes you feel as if you are flying through the air. Made up of a receiver, camera, video transmitter, and antennas, this 4-in-1 design saves you the trouble of buying each part separately, with an assembly process that’s easy for both experienced pilots and beginners.

The next thing to acquire is an airframe.

There are two options: a five-inch airframe or a smaller one.

A five-inch airframe is the number one choice for racing and aerobatic flying. Even at ultra-high speeds, fly this aircraft worry-free.

A smaller sized racing drone is safer and more flexible in narrow areas.

  • 5-Inch FPV Racing Drone

TransTEC Laser HD was designed for the DJI Digital FPV System. An optimized antenna angle provides better signal reception.

The 220mm airframe is made of 3K carbon fiber, providing a lighter weight and durability for reliable flight.

The flight controller, the brain of the drone, coordinates with the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) to control flight. An ESC is a device that regulates the power of an electric motor.

The T-Motor F55A PRO II + F4 HD STACK set contains a flight controller and an ESC, providing adventurous and reliable flight all at the same time, meeting a variety of needs.

The F4 HD STACK has been adjusted to match the DJI Digital FPV System. The FC and video transmitter can be connected by a cable instead of welding, making it easier to assemble.

To have complete control and freedom when you fly, you will need reliable power. There are two options that are suitable for different scenarios.

If you have experience or you prefer racing, go for the combination of a T-Motor HOM Motor – KV1750, a Gemfan Hurricane Durable 3 Blade, and a 6S 1300mAh Battery. The KV1750 with 6S 1300mAh Battery ensures the necessary power for more complex maneuvers at high speeds.

If you are racing drones for the first time, your best bet is the T-Motor F40 PRO III Motor – KV2400 paired with the T-Motor T5143S Propeller and 4S 1800mAh Battery. The combination is also an excellent option for freestyle enthusiasts.

Note: As racing drones

  • 2-3-Inch FPV Racing Drone

A smaller size does not mean compromising on performance. The TransTEC Beetle HOM+DJI Digital FPV System set offers a compact size and reliable performance.

The 2.5-inch 1300mm palm-sized frame is equipped with propeller guards for added safety. Pilots with different levels of experience can operate this drone with ease.

Small as the aircraft is, the TransTEC Beetle HOM frame can be integrated with the DJI Digital FPV System to provide an HD FPV experience during flight.

The set includes a power system, flight controller, and all necessary parts. All you need are several 3S 750mAh batteries to get started.

The chart below sums up all the necessary components of a racing drone. Whether you are a beginner or a professional racer, you will find a suitable combination here.


Component 5-Inch FPV Racing Drone  
Remote Controller


Video Transmitter

DJI Digital FPV System DJI Digital FPV System
Airframe TransTEC Laser HD TransTEC Beetle HOM
Flight Controller


Motor T-Motor HOM Motor – KV1750 T-Motor F40 PRO III Motor – KV2400
Propeller Gemfan Hurricane Durable 3 Blade T-Motor T5143S Propeller
Battery 6S 1300mAh 4S 1800mAh 3S 750mAh
  Professional Player Ordinary Player  


Now you’re prepared to choose your first racing drone. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of flying at high speeds!



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