DJI Holiday Buying Guide: Gifts for the Whole Family

Picking out the perfect holiday gifts for family members can be a painful task. With so many gadgets and baubles floating around the internet and on department store shelves, it’s hard to know what Christmas gifts to go for.

So do yourself a favor, like I did, and get DJI gifts for the whole family at the DJI Online Store! There’s no better time than now, because the annual DJI Winter Holiday Sale is on from Dec 9, 9 pm to Dec 31, 11:59 pm (PST)!

No matter what your mom’s, sibling’s, or crazy uncle’s interests are, there’s a DJI gift suitable for them that’s practical and fun. Without further ado, here are five great DJI gifts for all the family.

Holiday Gift Guide:

Home Movie Dads: Osmo Mobile

If your dad is anything like mine, then they’ll always have their smartphone out recording every moment for family gatherings. It’s just something they do. But unfortunately, they likely can’t hold their phone still and certainly don’t have any video editing skills. At least my dad doesn’t. The result is almost always several exceedingly long and unbearably shaky shots of our family in the living room opening gifts.

One way out of this generational disaster is to upgrade dad’s home videos with the Osmo Mobile. It’s a stabilizer that turns smartphone videos into smooth cinematic footage. With the powerful DJI GO editor, he can easily string together all his shots into a comprehensive “Christmas 2017” masterpiece with music, fun transitions, and more. Plus, he’ll be able to easily capture slow-motion videos, timelapses, panoramas, and long exposures. Suddenly, dad is cool again.

Osmo Christmas Deals:  

DJI Osmo Mobile (Black or Silver): $299 $199 ($100 off)    

DJI Osmo+ : $649 $559 ($90 off)


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Busy Mom: Spark

For multi-tasking super moms, capturing fleeting family moments can be challenging. The best moms love playing with their kids, but playing while shooting photos and videos can be a challenging task.

Fortunately, DJI’s Spark mini drone is a perfect solution, and an awesome gift this Christmas.

Rated one of the top 25 inventions of 2017 by TIME magazine, the DJI Spark is 100% groundbreaking technology. Equipped with a 12-megapixel camera, 16-minute flight time, and unique gesture controls that let you fly with a wave of your hand, Spark’s easy to use and captures good-looking footage. Just get Spark in the air, hit record, and you can capture quality family moments from all-new perspectives. Make the mom in your family as happy as the mom in this video!

Gamers: Spark with a Gamevice Gamepad

If you have a young son or younger brother, there’s a good chance they’re into cool new technology and gaming. Specifically, they’re probably into mobile gaming. Get the gamer in your family a DJI Spark with a Gamevice gamepad to satisfy both these needs.

For one, Spark is bound to impress all their friends at school. As far as the Gamevice goes, it’s a nifty add-on that snaps onto either side of your smartphone or tablet, turning into a veritable console-style game controller. This can be used to control Spark or play thousands of additional games available at the Apple App or Google Play stores. That level of gift synergy is hard to match!

Check out the article to learn more about controlling Spark with a gamepad.

Spark Christmas Deals:

DJI Spark: $499 $399 ($100 off)    

DJI Spark Fly More Combo: $699 $599 ($100 off)   

DJI Spark RC Combo: $618 $499 ($119 off) 

In addition to these sales, there will be an exclusive Christmas-themed accessories combo that will be available during the DJI Winter Holiday Sale. This is your only chance to get it, so act quickly!

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Outdoor Enthusiasts: Mavic Pro + DJI Goggles (Optional)

Whether it’s hiking, biking, or rock climbing, most families have at least one person who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. And they always share pictures and videos of the wild places they go (so they can make everyone else jealous).

The Mavic Pro isn’t just a great Christmas gift, but the perfect travel companion for this type of person. Lightweight and portable, the Mavic Pro shoots 20-megapixel photos and 4K video, capturing crystal clear images of all their exciting destinations while sharing them to social media instantly. Paired wirelessly with DJI Goggles, they can explore interesting places from the air at up to 1080p with breathtaking first-person views. And to capture the perfect winter spirit, why not add the Mavic Pro Alpine White to your cart? With all the features of the Mavic Pro, this new edition shines with a clean, snowy finish.

Mavic Christmas Deals:

Mavic Pro: $999 $899 ($100 off)               

Mavic Pro Combo: $1299 $1149($150 off)

Mavic Pro Alpine White: $1099 $1049($50 off)

mavic pro alpine white

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Film Buffs: DJI Goggles

My sister is a film buff. Fluent in movie dialogue and full of sarcasm. She’s always complaining that watching movies at home isn’t as good as going to the cinema, and she’s always dragging us out to the movies when we don’t want to go. But with the DJI Goggles, she has the perfect solution to all her cinema woes. Now she can watch all those artsy movies we hate in the comfort of her own room on IMAX-sized google screens.

For more tips on how to use your DJI Goggles to watch movies and play games in the comfort of your armchair, check out one of our previous articles “Watching Movies and Playing Games on the DJI Goggles

DJI Goggles Christmas Deals:

DJI Goggles: $449 $399 ($50 off) 

DJI GogglesDJI Goggles

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Photographers & Videographers: Phantom 4 Pro

If anyone in your family is serious about photography or filmmaking, you can’t go wrong by elevating their perspective with the Phantom 4 Pro. This quadcopter has a 1” sensor that shoots 20-megapixel photos and 4K video at 60 fps, a maximum 30-minute flight time, and forward, backward, left, and right obstacle avoidance (Check out this Phantom 4 Pro review to learn more!). It’s basically an aerial DSLR, so the pro-photographer of the family won’t be disappointed in terms of picture and video quality. The Phantom 4 Pro might turn out to be a Christmas gift this photo pro will never forget.

Phantom Christmas Deals: 

DJI Phantom 4 Pro:$1499 with Extra Intelligent Battery (Save $169)

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced: $1199 with Extra Intelligent Battery (Save $169)

PHANTOM 4 PROPhantom 4 series battery

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Well, that’s all for now folks! If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact our store support team via live chat or email

About DJI Care……

And speaking of support, you can make sure the Christmas drone you purchase is the gift that keeps on giving by adding a DJI Service Plan! With DJI Care Refresh, drones will be covered for all types of accidents — including water damage — with up to two full replacements for completely damaged drones. With service like that, the drone pilot in your family can fly with total peace of mind.

One More Thing… 

During the DJI Winter Holiday Sale, all purchases will earn you 2% of the total purchase value in DJI Store Credit. You usually earn 1%, so take advantage of double credit right now. It’s basically a way for you to get yourself a gift while you’re Christmas shopping!

The DJI Winter Holiday Sale is on from Dec 9, 9 pm to Dec 31, 11:59 pm (PST).

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