DJI Air 2S: Create Cinematic Drone Videos in One Tap

DJI Air 2S MasterShots

DJI Air 2S is here and, with its new 1” sensor, is the perfect combination of power, portability, and intelligent flight features. One of those being MasterShots.

We all want to create great, cinematic videos but not all of us are incredible pilots. That’s where MasterShots on the DJI Air 2S come in. With just a single tap, DJI Air 2S can automatically recognize the scene, create complex flight paths, and edit everything together to give you the perfect video.


Mastershots uses advanced AI to recognize the scene and plan the flight route accordingly. Whether you are filming a landscape, a landmark like a building, or even wanting to film yourself, MasterShots will product professional-level results.

DJI MasterShots 3 Flight Routes
DJI MaterShots’s three flight routes: Portrait, Proximity, Landscape

Not sure how to edit your video or what music to add? With the DJI Fly app, that can also be done with just a tap with more than 20 dynamic templates available.

How To Use MasterShots on DJI Air 2S

Take off and maneuver your aircraft to your preferred starting point. Once in position, tap the MasterShots icon on the right-hand side of the screen and either press the “+” icon, or draw a box around your subject and hit “Start” to begin. It’s that easy.

Tap MasterShot to enter
Enter MasterShots with a tap

Once DJI Air 2S has finished recording, it will automatically generate a video showcasing your subject. You can then select one of more than 20 different templates to craft the perfect clip.

When you’ve found the one that fits best, hit share and watch the likes roll in.

MasterShot template collection 

Tips On Getting The Best Results:

Before shooting, you can manually adjust the DJI Air 2S’s camera view and starting point according to your subject. The following tips will help you capture the best possible shots.

1.To capture a person, set the starting point right in front of or just behind your subject for better results.

MasterShots with Portrait
How MasterShots could shoot in the Portrait flight route

2. For capturing landmarks such as buildings, set the starting point within 100 meters of the target and maintain an appropriate altitude. DJI Air 2S will automatically choose Proximity as the flight route and will proceed to perform a wide range of maneuvers. The results will leave you with a stunning perspective of the landmark you have targeted.        

MasterShots with landmarks
How MasterShots could shoot in the Proximity flight route

3. When capturing a landscape in all its glory, get the whole scene is visible within the camera’s field of view and that the aircraft is not too far from or too high above the subject. This will lead DJI Air 2S to perform a series of sweeping movements that results in breathtaking clips.

How MasterShots could shoot in the Landscape flight mode

Worried about flight safety? DJI Air 2S has got you covered!

DJI Air 2S has the ability to perceive its environment in four directions: up, down, forward, and backward. This means that you can focus on enjoying your surroundings and let the drone take care of the rest.

DJI Air 2S four directional sensing system
DJI Air 2S can actively avoid obstacles in complex scenarios and at high speeds.

This is even possible when performing circular flights that would normally require sideways sensors. It does this by rotating the gimbal toward the subject while keeping the aircraft facing forwards. This allows the front sensors to essentially become side sensors, providing more safety and greater peace of mind.

DJI Air 2S flying forward
DJI Air 2S front sensors provide more safety while flying forward. 

With just a tap, MasterShots takes care of everything from shooting to editing. Simply sit back and wait for your cinematic videos. All you need is a DJI Air 2S.

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  1. MasterShots does not support D-log or manual focus.
  2. When it’s windy, or the subject is at a high altitude, selecting “Obstacle Avoidance” as the shooting priority during MasterShots may result in the propellers or motors coming into the camera’s view. You can set “Composition” as the shooting priority to solve this issue. By doing so, the gimbal will not rotate when the aircraft performs circular maneuvers. When using this setting, be sure to observe the surrounding area before takeoff, and try to shoot in open areas free of obstacles.
  3. When using MasterShots, both Android and iOS systems can shoot 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, and 1080p/30fps videos.
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