DJI GO 4 Manual: The Pilot’s Handbook

Visual Navigation Settings:

This is where you can control which sensors are on. It is recommended that all the sensors are kept on at all times.
DJI Go 4 Manual Visual Navigation Settings

Enable Obstacle Avoidance: With this setting enabled your aircraft will detect obstacles in front of it, and it will limit the max speed to 10 m/s, so the aircraft has time to break when it detects something. Obstacle avoidance may not work in low light situations (300 lux or below), and it will struggle to detect thin obstacles such as wires.

Enabled Horizontal Obstacle Avoidance in Tapfly: If this is activated your aircraft will fly around obstacles in TapFly mode.
DJI Go 4 Manual Visual Navigation Settings 1

Enable Backward Flying: If this is toggled, then the drone will fly backward when an approaching subject is being tracked. Please note that DJI drones with the exception of the Phantom 4 Pro do not have any rear obstacle sensors so that it may crash into anything behind it.

Enable Obstacle Avoidance in Active Track: If enabled the aircraft will avoid obstacles in ActiveTrack. If disabled the aircraft will just come to a stop.

Display Radar Chart: If this enabled then the app will display a small radar chart on the bottom left of the flight view, which shows your orientation when flying.

Advanced Sensor Settings:DJI Go 4 Manual Visual Navigation Settings Advanced Settings

Enabled Vision Positioning: If this toggled then the downwards sensors will be turned on which will help to keep the aircraft in a fixed position when hovering. When turned off your aircraft will drift when it hovers if the GPS signal is too weak.

Landing Protection: When enabled the aircraft will check its landing area for suitability before it touches down.

Precision Landing: If this is turned on then the aircraft will try to land in the exact spot it took off from when RTH is triggered.

RTH Obstacle Check: If enabled the aircraft will automatically ascend to avoid any obstacle if it detects an obstacle during RTH. For Spark, if the distance is over 100 meters, then the aircraft won’t avoid an obstacle as it will be traveling too fast.

DJI GO 4 Manual Contents:

Introduction and Camera View

DJI GO 4 General Settings

Main Controller Settings

Remote Controller Settings

Image Transmission, Battery, Wi-Fi, and & Virtual Joystick Settings

Gimbal Settings

Camera Settings

Intelligent Flight Modes