Everything You Need to Know about the DJI Goggles

DJI Goggles create a brand new way to see the world. Giving you and your friends a view from above like never before. You might have many questions about it, such as which drone models are compatible with the goggles, what kind of intelligent features it has, what is special about the Ocusync system, or how comfortable it is to wear. Well, it is your lucky day as we have all the answers and more.

The DJI Goggles are designed for easy FPV flying, providing both seamless control and crystal clear views. All newer DJI aircraft models work seamlessly with the DJI Goggles. It works wirelessly with the Mavic Pro and supports everything from the Phantom 3 Advanced to the Inspire 2, through its HDMI port. More importantly, when connected through USB, the same head tracking controls available through Ocusync are made available to all aircraft. The integrated HDMI input can also be used to watch a feed from an external monitor or television. Or for watching films and playing video games. If any sound is needed, simply plug headphones or external speakers into the onboard headphone jack to playback audio from any video contents streamed through HDMI. There is also an integrated SD card for downloading images and video from the aircraft.

DJI Goggles

The DJI Goggles bring a deep layer of immersion to flying a quadcopter by bringing you and your friends closer than ever to the sensation of true flight!  If you have any questions about DJI products, you can always contact us on Facebook and Twitter; we will be glad to help.

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