We Test DJI Goggles In Head-Tracking Mode With The Mavic Pro

Well, this was fun.

TDC took the DJI Goggles $499 and the Mavic Pro for a test in some wide open spaces. On this occasion, we enabled the Head Tracking mode, so that we could control the gimbal movements simply by turning our heads.

Of course, we wanted to obey the law – so Scott took the controls while Pawel watched and vice-versa.

The verdict? Pretty amazing experience. In fact, we believe it’s likely the closest you can get to feeling like you’re flying without actually being airborne.

And a caveat: Just as we emphasize in the video, please be sure to obey all local regulations when it comes to wearing the goggles. Most jurisdictions require that the pilot maintain a visual line of sight with the aircraft. So it’s a safer bet, in most places, to do things the way we did.

Happy flying!


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