Equipped with our most advanced technologies,

the DJI Mavic series camera drones are again revolutionizing aerial photography.

Let’s experience the imaging capabilities of DJI Mavic 3 together with three outstanding image creators.

Benjamin Everett

Hasselblad Master 2018

Landscape Photographer

Landscape Painter

The drone is a fantastic way to discover new perspectives.


Mavic 3's extended battery life has made a huge difference in my approach to flying, I can be more patient, and thoughtful while in the air. The low-light capabilities of the Mavic 3 are impressive. I was able to capture the alpenglow on snowcapped peaks as dusk fell.

Renan Ozturk

Rock Climber



Love at first sight!

renaN - PHoTOGRApher

The new 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera is definitely one of the most exciting things about the Mavic 3 to me. It gives you so much more dynamic range and cinematic sun-flares with the adjustable aperture. It’s wild to have that kind of image quality in such a small package.

Being able to climb to the top of one of these towers in the sky with the Mavic 3 on my back and launch it from such a precarious and dynamic position, will be something not soon forgotten. To me that’s one of the most exciting things about the Mavic 3 in general - how lightweight it is, considering how good the footage quality is.

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Jorge de la Torriente

Hasselblad Master 2018

Modern and Minimalist Fine Art Photographer

Shooting from the sky offers incredible freedom and a unique point of view as opposed to being on the ground. 

Jorge - PHoTOGRApher

My impressions of the Mavic 3 are a bit hard to describe. I haven’t really experienced anything like this before. The freedom that it offers to the photographer is really unparalleled. Being able to concentrate on capturing the shot and letting the Mavic 3 worry about everything else is quite freeing. 

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