DJI RS 3 is a compact stabilizer compatible with mainstream combinations of mirrorless cameras and lenses. It features an automatic axis lock design, wireless Bluetooth shutter, and the latest RS stabilization algorithm, providing impressive stability even in fast-moving scenarios. If you are a solo creator or a small crew that shoots commercial content such as weddings, events, or corporate videos, RS 3 is an exceptional option.


DJI RS 3 First Impressions

Weighing only 1.3 kg/2.8 lbs (including gimbal, battery grip, and dual-layered quick-release plates), the compact RS 3 can be carried easily on the go. Buttons are situated in the center for smooth handheld maneuvering. Let’s look at the first highlighted feature of RS 3.

Efficient Prep and Storage

Tired of lengthy prep work before shooting? Try DJI RS 3 with its innovative automatic axis lock design. With just one tap, the gimbal launches or locks in seconds, giving you a significant boost in productivity.

DJI RS 3 Automatic Axis Lock Design
DJI RS 3 Automatic Axis Lock Design 2

When the gimbal is powered off, simply press and hold the power button, and the three axes unlock and expand automatically, allowing you to start shooting within seconds without the need for manual operation.

DJI RS 3 Automatic Axis Lock Design 3

During a shoot, you might need to lock the gimbal temporarily to discuss posture with a model or adjust something on set. Simply press the power button once, and the gimbal automatically locks and enters sleep mode. Press the button once again to wake the gimbal and resume active status.

With dual-layered quick-release plates, mounting a camera onto RS 3 is fast and convenient, with no need to re-balance the gimbal after swapping out a new battery or memory card.

3kg (6.6lbs) Tested Payload

DJI RS 3 Payload

Weighing only 1.3 kg/2.8 lbs (including gimbal, battery grip, and dual-layered quick-release plates), RS 3 can be held easily in one hand, while its 3kg/6.6lb load capacity is more than enough to support mainstream cameras, including the Sony A7S3 or Canon R5 with a 24-70mm F2.8 lens, to manage shooting of weddings, commercial events, and corporate promos.

Professional Stabilization

The third-generation RS stabilization algorithm further optimizes the control of the motor to provide a 20% increase in stability, effortlessly managing low-angle shots, or switching between high and low positions. Turn on SuperSmooth mode, and RS 3 will deliver stable footage even in fast-moving scenarios.

Wireless Bluetooth Shutter

Controlling camera shutter using a shutter cable can be a hassle. Cables can easily get lost and take up a USB port on the camera. By implementing Dual-Mode Bluetooth, RS 3 supports wireless shutter control. [1] After the initial Bluetooth pairing, you can control video and photo shooting by simply pressing the record button on the stabilizer, without having to change the holding position or disrupt the composition. Previously paired cameras can automatically reconnect after the first use, eliminating the need for a camera control cable.

Fast Parameter Setting

DJI RS 3 VS DJI RSC 2 OLED Touchscreen

Looking for a bigger and better display? RS 3 ticks all the boxes. Compared with the black and white screen of RSC 2, RS 3 is equipped with a 1.8-inch OLED full-color touchscreen with an 80% larger display. It provides intuitive and precise control together with the redesigned user interface. By simply sliding the new gimbal mode switch, you can alternate between Pan Follow, Pan and Tilt Follow, and FPV modes. The FPV mode selection is also customizable to 3D Roll 360, Portrait, or Custom, allowing you to adjust your equipment and get started fast.

12-hours [2] for All-day Shooting

DJI RS 3 Battery

The new battery grip provides a powerful runtime of up to 12 hours, enough for continuous shooting for most of the day.

The new RS 3 battery grip features a detachable design, making it easier to swap batteries and smaller for storage. It can also be charged independently from the gimbal. It supports 18W PD fast charging with a charge time of just 2.5 hours. It can even be used while charging to keep RS 3 powered almost indefinitely.

DJI RS 3 In-the-Box

▲ The Essentials

▲ Upgraded for Creators



BG21 Grip

BG21 Grip

Lens-Fastening Support

Lens-Fastening Support

Extended Grip/Tripod (Plastic)

Extended Grip/Tripod (Plastic)

Dual-layered quick-release plates

Dual-layered quick-release plates


Briefcase Handle


DJI RS Focus Motor (2022)


Carrying Case

Other standard accessories

Other standard accessories

Unboxing Standalone DJI RS 3:

Enough For Your Essential Filming Needs

DJI RS 3 In the Box
DJI RS 3 Pro

Unboxing DJI RS 3 Combo: Upgraded for Creators

DJI RS 3 Combo In the Box
DJI RS 3 Pro Combo

Compared to the standalone version, the RS 3 Combo additionally includes a Briefcase Handle, Focus Motor (2022), and Carrying Case.

DJI RS Briefcase Handle

The redesigned briefcase handle is foldable for convenient storage, and comes with a new ergonomic handle to make it easier and faster to install and switch to Briefcase mode. The built-in cold shoe mount and 1/4"-20 mounting holes can connect to external monitors for shooting assistance, making low-angle camera movements more intuitive.

DJI RS Focus Motor (2022)

DJI RS 3 Focus Motor (2022)

The next-generation DJI RS Focus Motor (2022) provides torque three times stronger (up to 1 N·m) and audible noise is reduced by 50%. This delivers a smoother focusing experience and reduces the effect on audio recording. It also adopts a quick-release structure, allowing it to be assembled easily without any tools for faster use.

DJI Care Refresh For RS 3


DJI Care Refresh, the comprehensive protection plan for DJI products, is now available for DJI RS 3. Accidental damage is covered by the replacement service, including natural wear, collisions and water damage. For a small additional charge, you can have your damaged product replaced if an accident occurs.
DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) includes up to 2 replacements in 1 year. DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) includes up to 3 replacements in 2 years and extends the original warranty up to 2 years from the date of purchase. Other services of DJI Care Refresh include rewards for safe use,international warranty service and free shipping.

DJI RS 3: The ultimate stabilizer for small commercial shoots

RS 3 is an efficient and reliable tool that addresses the real pain points in a photographer’s day-to-day routine. The device is compact and lightweight with outstanding load capacity as well as robust stability and battery life. It features brand-new design features, such as the automatic axis locks and Bluetooth shutter, making it easy to shoot on the go and adapt to the rapid pace of commercial filming. The RS 3 standalone version can meet all your essential shooting needs, but if you are looking to take your filmmaking to the next level, opt for the DJI RS 3 Combo. Get this compact stabilizer now and get ready to expand the creative possibilities.


1. Check the camera compatibility list for detailed information on supported camera models.

2. Measured with the equipment in a level and stationary state, the gimbal balanced, three axes in an active state, and the battery only powering the gimbal.