Commercial Drones are Changing the World.

commercial drones

DJI’s commercial drones are transforming the way people get their jobs done or live their lives. Drones aren’t just for photographers or directors but for a multitude of different people. In this article, we’re going to be looking at how UAV’s have helped people and let professionals do their job more efficiently, cheaper, safer and faster.

The Long Drone of the Law

In recent year there has been an explosion in the number of police forces with Inspires in their arsenal of crime-fighting tools. The police have found drones to be particularly useful with thermal cameras in helping to track down a suspect on the run without exposing the officers to unknown danger. They have also been invaluable in helping search and rescue operations finding missing persons in the forest. As drones can quickly cover a much wider area than officers on the ground.

Fighting Fire with Drones

Firefighters have found numerous uses for DJI’s commercial drones in their often dangerous line of work. Fire departments have been using drones to locate the seat of fires as well tracking the fire’s progression allowing them to better direct their fire crews and prevent loss of life. Like the police, various fire departments have been using thermal cameras on their aircraft to help pinpoint trapped people through the obscuring smoke.

Engineering Reimagined

The engineering industry has also been quick to adopt drones to improve the quality and speed up their work. Drones are a great asset to engineers due to the unique perspective they give to planning, health and safety and site inspections, etc. In greater depth the aircraft are used to efficiently and quickly survey a building site and build maps, saving the company time and money. Furthermore, they can be used to monitor sites, keep track of the project and be used to show the clients the progress of the project.

The Aerial Agricultural Revolution

Farming is being revolutionized by DJI’s commercial drones as they have opened up new methods and opportunities to farmers that were too prohibitively expensive in the past. An essential use of drones in farming is crop monitoring as now farmers can easily see from the air the yield of their crops, the effectiveness of their irrigation systems as well weed invasions. Another use for them is aerial crop spraying helping farmers to target the right areas quickly and deliver the aircraft’s payload efficiently.

Infrastructure Check

Infrastructure is the web that connects countries and the world together, millions of miles roads, bridges, train tracks, cell towers, pipelines, and electrical lines and bridges all of which need maintenance. It sounds like an insurmountable task, but Matrices are used daily to do this. Helping to speed up the checks and keeping the workers safer as they no longer need to go clambering up ladders or creeping across crumbling structures.

Aerial Cinematography

Of course, drones are a godsend for photographers, movie makers, news crews and TV show production as they have allowed great ease of access for stunning aerial shots, letting the creators share their vision with their audience. These days few movies or documentaries aren’t made without the help of drones capturing stunning footage. Likewise, for photographers drones have opened up a whole new perspective for them to exploit.

Helping those with disabilities

In the past, people with mobility disabilities might have been stuck in a room or unable to go to harder to reach places. Now, with the help of the drones access to the world around them is opening up. Also, drones are being used for people with Autism helping them to build teamwork and social skills with others around a shared hobby.

The Scientific World

Scientists have been using DJI’s commercial drones for a variety of uses such as sea mammal tracking, measuring animal populations, collecting DNA samples, mapping topography to track the effects of global warning. UAV’s have helped researchers gather data cheaply and go to places that would be extremely difficult to get to conventionally.  This new frontier of research is helping to further our understanding of the world.

This is only the beginning of the drone age as technology becomes more advanced and compact we’ll  see, even more, applications of drones coming to our daily lives.

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