Just a few weeks from now, thousands upon thousands of couples will be snapping their Valentine’s Day pictures (mostly arm-stretching selfies) and sharing their moments online. With the latest Intelligent Flight Modes and simple controls, taking breathtaking drone photos of yourself and your partner is now easier than ever.

We’ve got stunning aerial photography locations and beautiful, creative ideas for every couple out there. Now you can join these coupled-up drone pilots and take to the skies together! Read on to find out our recommended drones for capturing your perfect couple shots.

Love is in the Air

Almost any location can become a great backdrop for a great couple photo when you use an aerial perspective. Whether you’re on a beach vacation, enjoying a picnic in the park, or even relaxing indoors, drone photography brings a new perspective for couples photography.

Take adventurous couples, for example. There is no better way to capture your achievements than an aerial shot of the peak you’ve just hiked together, hand in hand.

Vows ©ccm’请叫我小超人 | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Alternatively, try experimenting with your photographic composition and let the beauty of the landscape speak for itself. By positioning your partner and yourself to one side of the frame, the open space adds a breathtaking sense of scale to your photo.

Be with You ©小墨与阿猴 | Equipment: Mavic Air

If you and your loved one aren’t the type for scaling mountains or exploring the wilderness, maybe you’ll enjoy experimenting with aerial perspectives on your next day trip. The nearest park, field, or beach can make for a beautiful backdrop, perfect for one of our creative poses below.

Meadow of Love ©Martynas 

Also, don’t forget that with propeller guards on, you can safely fly smaller drones indoors. So even if you don’t fancy enjoying some fresh air together, maybe you can get creative indoors.

©TheDon | Equipment: Spark

Top 3 Creative Ideas for Couples:

1) Playing with the perspective

Rescue me ©David Ed Ziegler | Equipment: Mavic Pro

You can create stunning scenes that make a bold statement with an overhead camera view. Playing with perspective and props within the frame can be an effective way of capturing your viewers’ attention. Think about your composition and what props or scenery you have nearby; tree branches and bicycles are brilliant for introducing unique perspectives into a photograph.

2) Painting the perfect picture


Dronie for Valentine’s Day ©Dmitry Balakirev  

Sand and snow are great for “painting” additional effects into your photographs. From snow angels to “Marry Me?” etched onto a beach, these small extra details will add a unique narrative to your special moments. No snow or sand? Take some chalk pencils and turn your driveway into a canvas for your masterpiece.

I Love You More than DJI ©SkyPixel User

3) Stand out with stunning silhouettes

Photography comes to life when utilizing light in unique and interesting ways. Silhouettes can create dramatic effects and strong emotions in a couple’s portrait. Shoot a sunset with your silhouettes positioned against the sun to add a mystical feeling to an already beautiful picture.

Flores, Indonesia ©TOMMY AU PHOTO | Equipment: Spark

Recommended Drones for Aerial Photography with a Partner



Spark is the perfect beginner’s drone for couples who are learning how to fly. Its low budget but impressive performance allows every couple to capture intimate moments. It also features stunning 12MP photos and 1080p videos that can be combined with Intelligent Flight Modes. Spark capture the perfect couple selfie with just a simple hand gesture, and will even land perfectly in your palm after the shoot!

Power and Portability

Mavic Air is the perfect drone choice for adventurous couples. With incredible portability, a compact design, and a light frame, it can easily fit into a backpack and won’t weigh you down while you are traveling. The Mavic Air packs some impressive power with a 3-axis gimbal, 4K 30fps video, and flight speeds up to 68.4 kph.

Ultimate Aerial Photography

Those couples that are serious about their photography or videography should look no further than the new Mavic 2 series. The Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom both possess exceptional image quality, which gives you the ultimate flexibility and creative potential. With exceptional features like Hyperlapse and Dolly Zoom, the sky is the limit for your creativity. Thanks to a flight time of 31 minutes, you’ll both have ample time to find the perfect pose!

Capturing your tender moments from the air is a stunning way to create portraits, wedding photos, or even just cute selfies together.

So, this Valentine’s Day, why not take to the skies and create something special together, capture your precious memories, share with others, and inspire your friends and family to bring their couples photography to a new level.