For our recent Skypixel competition, we asked users to submit aerial photos and video showing off all of the unique ways they use drones. We received over 6,000 submissions, giving us a look at stunning mountaintop views, secluded beaches, epic landscapes, and more. Here are 17 submissions that will inspire you to go get a drone if you don’t have one already!


Getting Air

These four photographers were already capturing amazing images on the ground, but drones gave them a whole new dimension to work with.

We absolutely loved SkyPixel user JIACHENJI 阿琛’s stunning aerial shots of Iceland and Australia.


And Paul Oostveen’s showed off some epic, abstract scenes from Iceland and Germany.


Four surreally beautiful photos from Andrius Aleksandravičius had us looking up flight prices to Lithuania.


Middle schooler Alan Zhang shows us what it looks like when studying hard pays off. In his own words:

“I started my story of aerial photography/cinematography when I finished the first year of middle school. I received a DJI Phantom 4 as a reward for earning a 4.0 GPA. I wasn’t expecting drones to be so fun, so I started teaching myself different techniques via YouTube and watching other masters’ videos on Skypixel.”


A New Perspective

These users took to the sky and gained an entirely new perspective.

Stark compositions from SkyPixel user 一佳one illustrate just how magical the perfectly-framed aerial shot can be.


It’s a selfie-world these days, and Szabolcs Ignacz uses drones to take his to the next level. As he says:

“I consider myself a pioneer of drone selfie photography and have contributed to its evolution.”!


Ivan gives us a look at the epic, abstract views a drone can provide.

“Aerial photography opened a whole new world of possibilities for me, bringing together the two things I’m most passionate about: technology and traveling. It’s this intersection that makes it truly unique.”


Nick Smith knew right away that he was hooked on drones. His shots are a window into the serene beauty of sprawling farmlands and open sky.

“I find myself walking around whenever I am outside just looking to the sky, wondering if the clouds will play off the sunrise or sunset just right, seeing if that storm coming in will be good from a distance, finding new ways to looks at items on the ground from just out of reach. All of these have been opened up to me from the air. I am a dreamer, a dreamer of what the sky has in store for me for every day!”

More than a Toy

Alan Dillon proves just how fun and easy it can be to turn a passion for drones into a money-making endeavor.

“As soon as I turned 16, I founded my aerial photography business, Bedford Aerial (, with a friend. Soon after establishing we got our first big client. Sleek eBikes, one of NY’s two electric bike stores located in Tarrytown, NY employed us to create small video advertisements for his company (the picture with the Sleek logo appears at the end of their ad). Three ads and some 40,000 views later the owner of the shop was thrilled. Along with the bike company, we have taken photographs for numerous realtors, hotels, architects, small businesses, and families across the East Coast over the past year.”


Fun with Friends

Just like everything else in life, drone flying is better when you’re with friends.

Mauro Pagliai used his drone to celebrate epic adventures with a furry friend.


SkyPixel user Anders Carlson uses his drone to capture the wondrous world of dolphins.

“Spinner dolphins come to the shallow waters in Hawaii to rest during the day then head out to deeper water at night to hunt. They are one of my favorite things to shoot from above and below the water!”


As serious drone enthusiasts, we can definitely relate to Francesco Cattuto, who has spent so much time flying that he considers his drone to be a friend.

“I’ve gone on countless fantastic trips with breathtaking scenery, taking hundreds of photos and videos along the way. It’s been an unforgettable journey with an essential flying friend.”


Drone Love

There are countless ways to use drones, but these users highlight one of our personal favorites: making time spent with loved ones even more memorable.

What could be more romantic than traveling around with a loved one? How about bringing a drone along to capture unforgettable shots? That’s what Feng Jiang and his girlfriend decided to do while traveling through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Hong Kong, Malta, Iran, and the Philippines.


SkyPixel user ucchow and his girlfriend show off their epic adventures with the help of some clever editing.

See how a father and daughters’ shared interest in drones helps them bond and explore nature.

The Vlog Life

These submissions show us how an aerial perspective can add a professional look to any vlog.

Pablo Lubians shows how drones can be used to give any vlog or video an epic and unforgettable edge.

Liam Chung’s incredible drone shots and captivating edits make it easy to see why every vlog needs an aerial perspective.