Drones for Kids – The Best Gift for Your Child [2019]

drone for kids

Drones have become a popular gift for kids and for good reason. Drones can provide endless hours of flying fun and a way to expand knowledge from hand-eye coordination to Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills. But not every drone is suitable for young users. Before you introduce your child to the world of droning, take some time to consider the different types of drones available.

Racing vs Camera Drones

Kid-friendly drones generally come in two main types: camera drones and racing drones. Camera drones are equipped with a built-in camera and will allow your child to unleash their inner creativity. Racing drones are primarily designed to encourage the user to customize and optimize their drone for maximum speed. These drones can also be equipped with a camera but may require a higher level of skill to fly. They are suitable for slightly older children who have perhaps displayed a passion for science and speed.

Safety is Essential

While drones guarantee hours of fun (with multiple battery charges, of course), they also have a serious side. Understanding drone safety guidelines is essential before taking off for the first time. DJI has a range of great resources for first-time drone flyers, but it’s important to know local laws and regulations too. Take the time to learn these with your child before their maiden flight. Because of the potential danger drones pose, they are usually listed as 14+ products and therefore it is your responsibility as a parent or guardian to make sure you follow these age restriction laws and guidelines.


Features to Consider

Drones vary wildly in size and operating methods. It is important to consider the ease-of-use of a drone before purchasing one for your child. Look for a drone that has an easy start feature to make launch day simple. A quick return to home button is also an important feature to make sure your child’s drone can return back to them quickly and safely. Drones that have intuitive control systems will make sure your child gets the most out of their drone and will encourage them to learn more if they can master the basics of flying quickly.

Rugged Design

Like all toys, drones need to be able to withstand the rough and tumble of play. But not all drones are created equally. Look for a drone that has easy to replace propellers and a design that will be forgiving of a few false starts. There would be nothing sadder for parents and children alike to see a cherished gift smashed to pieces on its maiden flight.

Spark flying indoor

Price Point

The final point of consideration when buying a drone is price. Compare the quality of the drone’s componentry with the price point. Buying from a reputable drone maker will mean you have customer and technical support even after you have purchased it. Meaning, go for a brand that has a solid presence online and a clear method of communicating with its customers. Here are some options for getting a young one flying their first drone.

Drones for kids reviews


transmission distance


Max Flight Time
13 min

Max Transmission Distance
100 m

Effective Pixels
5 MP 


Welcome to the world of mini drones, where size doesn’t matter. Weighing just 80 g, Tello is a mini bundle of joy. Behind the impressive small and sturdy frame is an intelligent drone that’s packed with powerful flight capabilities and the reliability found across all DJI drones. Chinese startup Ryze Tech has collaborated with Intel and DJI to produce an innovative drone that can be controlled from the touch of a smartphone.

For those new to drones, Tello makes flying safe and easy. Industry-leading DJI flight tech is combined with intuitive controls to provide an impressive flight experience. Including features and tricks such as Throw & Go that make flying incredibly intuitive, Tello is simply a bundle of fun that is ideal for those new to the world of drones.

Tello is equipped with a 5 MP camera, capable of taking stunning photos and videos. The durable design and expertly designed safety features make this a perfect drone for kids.

Using Scratch – a computer language developed by MIT – kids can interactively learn basic coding skills and program the performance of the Tello at ease.

Discover the world of flying. Grab the Tello for US$99, which comes with a set of Propeller Guards, a Battery, and more.


transmission distance

Max Flight Time
16 min

Max Speed
50 kph

Max Transmission Distance
2 km

Effective Pixels
12 MP 

  • DJI Spark

A great option for young drone enthusiasts, DJI’s Spark offers a brilliant combination of intelligent drone features that will empower even the bravest of adventurers. The mini drone is equipped with DJI’s trademark technologies, creating an incredibly powerful drone tucked away behind an impressively sturdy frame.

With the time it takes to take your cellphone out of your pocket, Spark can get safely in the air, thanks to PalmLaunch, which makes taking off incredibly easy. Equipped with gesture recognition modes, Spark will follow and obey your every command. Thanks to a stunning camera, which can shoot 12 MP photos and video at 1080p at 30 fps, Spark is suitable for holiday adventures and capturing those great family moments.

Never miss another moment again. Spark is available for US$399. For a truly immersive adventure with no limits, we highly recommend the Spark Fly More Combo for US$499. The combo includes a Remote Controller, extra Intelligent Flight Battery, Propeller Guards, and plenty more!

Important Pre-Flight Checklist


Once you’ve made your choice of drone, it’s important to follow some simple steps to make sure you get the most out of your drone experience. First, check whether it’s necessary to register your drone with local authorities. Even though drones for kids don’t seem dangerous it is important to cover all bases. If you’re based in the United States, the FAA requires all drones over 250 g (0.55 lbs) to be registered. Just head to the FAA’s website and pay the five dollar registration fee.

Service Plan

The next step is to insure your drone in case of accidental breakage. DJI Care provides peace of mind for drone users. Repair fees and related costs connected to damage to your DJI aircraft, gimbal or camera sustained during normal use will be covered by DJI after you purchase the service plan.

Read the Manual!

Once you are covered it’s time to get flying – well almost. Take some time before your maiden voyage to read the drone’s manual carefully. By taking the time now, you’ll have a richer and more enjoyable drone experience. As well as studying the manual, it’s crucial to familiarize both you and your child with the safe flying tips on the DJI website. Propeller guards, small attachments to your drone that fit over the propellers, are essential when first learning to fly a drone. The propeller guards will protect both the drone and any objects that might accidentally hit as new drone pilots master their device.

Adult Supervision

Ok – so it’s time to fly! But whether you’re about to launch your new Spark or Tello, it’s essential for fun and safety that children operating a drone are always supervised by an adult.

DJI Spark

Happy Droning!

Drone flying is an activity the whole family can enjoy together. Children can use their drone to explore many skills and interests through their drone flying from creatively capturing videos, to learning about the engineering behind these incredible machines.

Happy droning!

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