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As consumer drone technology becomes more popular, the ways in which pilots use it has become increasingly diverse. Drone owners are a mixed crowd, ranging from professional photographers and videographers to everyday moms and dads looking to have some fun with the family. Listed below are several of the most popular drones on the market by market-leading drone manufacturer, DJI. Whether you’re looking for a small portable drone or a professional filmmaking tool, DJI has a drone for you!

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If you’re buying a drone for the first time, you may want to consider the following things:

  • Budget

With a wide range of drone prices and features, it’s important to balance the features you want with a price that works for you.

  • Ease of use

Obviously, the easier a drone is to fly, the more you can focus on getting great shots and the less likely it is that you’ll have an accident.

  • Durability

If you do have an accident, some drones will take the hit better than others. And if you’re flying a lot, wear and tear can affect flight performance.

  • Flight Time

Nothing is more disappointing missing out on a great aerial shot because your drone’s battery runs out. The longer your drone can fly, the more fun you can have in a single session.

  • Accessories

Customizing and upgrading your drone with cool accessories makes owning a drone much more exciting.

  • Features

How good is the camera? How many fun and useful things can it do? These are essential questions to ask when looking at drones.

Mavic 2  Buy Now!

  • Mavic 2 Pro


Key Features: 

  • DJI’s flagship consumer drone, perfect for professionals and enthusiast
  • 31-minute flight time
  • 4.9 mi (8 km) transmission range
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • Two lens options to choose from: Pro and Zoom
  • Mavic 2 Pro comes with a 1-inch CMOS sensor Hasselblad camera
  • Mavic 2 Zoom offers a 12 MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS Sensor with up to four-times zoom, including two-times optical zoom

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom are sleek additions to the Mavic series, allowing you to capture high-quality images with ease. Foldable and portable, the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom are both fantastic choices for your next vacation. Both come with solid, wind-resistant gimbals to ensure that your shots are always smooth and stable. Both offer up to 8 km of 1080p transmission, Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing, and quieter flight. With a max flight time of 21 minutes and a max speed of 72 kph, fly faster and farther than ever before, capturing memories you will cherish for years to come.

Co-engineered in partnership with Hasselblad, the Mavic 2 Pro features the all-new Hasselblad L1D-20c camera. The excellent image quality and higher color depth make it perfect for shooting natural landscapes and cities.

The Mavic 2 Zoom has a 1/2.3-inch 12MP sensor with 2x optical zoom, allowing you to get those perfect shots at a safe and relaxed distance. The Dolly Zoom QuickShot is also a great feature to use if your vacation location offers you the opportunity to capture ceremonies, animals, or sporting events.

You no longer need to worry about remembering your brief escape from reality; the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom will ensure you have professional-quality images and videos to reminisce over years down the road.

Check out our Mavic 2 unboxing and Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic 2 Zoom.


Spark Fly More Combo Buy Now!

  • DJI Spark

Key Features: 

      • Powerful and portable mini drone
      • 16-minute flight time
      • New Advanced Gesture Controls and flight modes
      • 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor shoots 12 MP stills and 1080p video
      • 2-axis mechanical gimbal
      • Flies at up to 31 mph (50 kph) in Sport mode (remote controller required)
      • 1.2 mi (2 km) transmission range with remote controller

Box Contents

      • Spark Aircraft
      • Remote Controller
      • Intelligent Flight Batteries x 2
      • Propeller Guards
      • Charger
      • Power Cable
      • Propellers (4 Pairs)
      • Micro USB Cable
      • Battery Charging Hub
      • Storage Box
      • Shoulder Bag

DJI’s first-ever mini drone, Spark is the ultimate aerial selfie machine.

Spark’s most innovate feature is probably its Advanced Gesture Controls. Using simple hand gestures, you can take off, tell Spark to follow you, and take photos or videos without using a mobile device or controller. But of course, if you want more traditional control methods, you can fly with a remote controller (included with the Fly More Combo) or just your mobile device.

Plus, Spark features new modes like Pano and QuickShot. Pano allows you to capture vertical, horizontal, and spherical panoramas, which are stitched together in the DJI GO 4 app, and QuickShot is a new Intelligent Flight Mode where Spark flies along preset flight paths while automatically tracking a subject and recording shareable short videos.

You can buy a Spark by itself for the low price of $399, or get the Fly More Combo to save on an extra battery and carrying case.


Mavic Air Buy Now!


  • Mavic Air
    Mavic Air

Key Features:

      • 21-minute flight time
      • 4 km transmission range
      • 3-axis 4K gimbal camera
      • Foldable & portable
      • SmartCapture mode
      • Stitches together 32 MP Sphere panoramas in 8 seconds
      • 3-directional environment sensing
      • New QuickShots: Asteroid and Boomerang

Box Contents

      • Mavic Air Aircraft × 1
      • Remote Controller × 1
      • Intelligent Flight Battery × 1
      • Charger × 1
      • Power Cable × 1
      • Propellers (Pair) × 4
      • Propeller Guards (Set) × 1
      • RC Cable (Lightning connector) × 1
      • RC Cable (Standard Micro USB connector) × 1
      • RC Cable (USB Type-C connector) × 1
      • Gimbal Protector × 1
      • Communication Cable (USB3.0 Type-C) × 1
      • USB Adapter × 1
      • RC Cable Slider (Large) × 1
      • RC Cable Slider (Small) × 2
      • Carrying Case × 1
      • Spare Control Sticks (Pair) × 1

Sitting right in between the Mavic Pro and Spark, the Mavic Air is the perfect balance of power and portability. Built to accompany you on all your adventures, the Mavic Air is half the size of the Mavic Pro while packing nearly all of the same great features.

One of the coolest things that the Mavic Air can do is shoot Sphere panoramas incredibly quickly. Just tap the shutter button, and the Mavic Air will capture 25 images and stitch them together in just over a minute. The Mavic Air can’t capture the sky due to its limited tilt range, but zenith stitching algorithms complete the panorama for a full 360° shot of the area.

The Mavic Air also has three pairs of stereo vision sensors facing forward, backward, and downward. These sensors let the drone detect its environment in three different directions. The downward sensors allow the drone to hover extra stably at low altitudes, while the forward and backward sensors detect obstacles in the drone’s flight path and even bypass them automatically with a new feature called APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems).

Available in three different colors (Flame Red, Onyx Black, and Arctic White), and unlike Spark, the Mavic Air comes with a controller whether or not you purchase the Fly More Combo. And the controller features detachable control sticks, which make it extra compact and convenient for traveling! The Mavic Air is priced at only $799, and for an extra $200, you can get all of the extras that come with the Mavic Air Fly More Combo.

Check out our Mavic Air unboxing and Mavic Air review.


Mavic Pro Fly More Combo  Buy Now!

  • Mavic Pro
    Mavic Pro

Key Features:

      • Foldable design makes it as small as a camera lens for ultimate portability
      • 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor records up to 4K @ 30 fps video and 12 MP photos
      • Mechanical 3-axis gimbal maintains smooth footage at high speeds and tight turns
      • Max flight time of 27 min and max flight speed of 40 mph (65 kph) in Sport mode
      • Fly via remote controller or smartphone via DJI GO 4 app
      • FlightAutonomy system uses 5 cameras, 2 ultrasonic rangefinders, GPS and Glonass, redundant sensors, and 24 powerful computing cores to sense and avoid obstacles intelligently

Box Contents

      • Mavic Pro Aircraft
      • Remote Controller
      • Intelligent Flight Batteries x 3
      • Charger
      • Power Cable
      • Propellers (5 Pairs)
      • RC Cable(Lightning connector)
      • RC Cable(Standard Micro USB connector)
      • RC Cable(USB Type-C connector)
      • Gimbal Cover
      • Gimbal Clamp
      • microSD Card (16GB)
      • Micro USB Cable
      • RC Cable Slider(Large) x 2
      • RC Cable Slider(Small) x 2
      • Battery Charging Hub
      • Car Charger
      • Battery to Power Bank Adaptor
      • Shoulder Bag

For frequent travelers, adventurers, and drone enthusiasts of any level, the Mavic Pro is the perfect blend of portability, usability, power, and performance. The Mavic Pro is excellent for first-time pilots and professionals alike, producing stunning high-quality footage while offering the thrill of high-speed flight.

Along with intelligent controls like ActiveTrack and TapFly, the Mavic Pro introduced Gesture mode, letting the drone follow and take photos of users with simple hand and arm motions. Pick up the Mavic Pro, priced at $999, or purchase the Fly More Combo to save on two extra batteries and a carrying case.

The latest iteration of the Mavic Pro is the Mavic Pro Platinum, which has 11% more battery life, upping its average flight time from 27 minutes to 30 minutes. There’s also the limited-edition Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo, priced at $999, which features the same great specs as the Mavic Pro and comes with two extra batteries and an aircraft sleeve. Alternatively, you can get a Mavic Pro (Refurbished Unit) at just $799, or get the Fly More Combo, priced at $1299, to save on extra batteries and propellers.

Check out our Mavic series comparison to find out which Mavic is best for you.

4 Different Purchasing Options

Check out our Mavic Pro Accessories Buying Guide to find great accessories for the Mavic Pro and/or check out the list below.


Phantom 4 (Refurbished Unit) Buy Now!

Phantom 4 (Refurbished Unit)

Key Features:

      • Camera Resolution: 12 MP Adobe DNG RAW
      • Video Resolution: 4K at 30 fps/1080p at 120 fps
      • Max. flight time: 28 minutes
      • Max. speed: 45 mph (20 m/s) in Sport mode
      • Other notable attributes: battery life, Obstacle Avoidance, flight modes

Phantom 4 takes from the Phantom 3 Professional and improves upon it, making it a reliable and versatile choice for beginners and professionals.

Phantom 4 Pro  Buy Now!

  • Phantom 4 Pro
    Phantom 4 Pro

Key Features:

      • 1″ 20 MP CMOS camera with mechanical shutter
      • Burst mode stills at 14 MP
      • H.264 4K video at 60 fps and H.265 4K at 30 fps
      • 6 vision sensors, GPS/GLONASS, and obstacle sensing 2-98 ft (0.7-30 m)
      • Max speed of 45 mph (72 kph) in Sport mode
      • 30 min flight time and DJI GO 4 compatibility
      • Draw, Active Track, TapFly, Gesture mode, Return to Home

For aerial photographers that need professional results, the Phantom 4 Pro is an excellent choice. The latest iteration in DJI’s iconic Phantom series, this appropriately named quadcopter’s power, portability, and intelligent features make it a popular choice for UAV pilots worldwide.

Its camera features a 1-inch CMOS sensor, which makes it great for filmmaking and photography, and it’s the first DJI drone to have backward, forward, and side obstacle avoidance. Obstacle avoidance can come in handy when flying in tight spaces, which is sometimes required for filming and photography, as well as search and rescue scenarios. But if obstacle avoidance isn’t hugely important to you, you can save some money and get a Phantom 4 Advanced, which only features forward obstacle sensors.

Also, check out our Phantom 4 Advanced vs Phantom 4 Pro comparison to find out which Phantom is better for you.

Read our Phantom 4 Accessories Buying Guide to find great accessories for the Phantom 4 Advanced.

So those are some of the most popular DJI drones. With advanced obstacle avoidance systems, smooth gimbals, professional cameras, and easy-to-use controls, DJI drones are worth every penny. That being said, they are also not particularly cheap.

So people often ask “Is there any way to get a drone at a good price?” Well, read on to learn some of the best ways to get sizeable drone discounts year-round.

How to Get Cheap Drones

Refurbished Products

An excellent way to get a great product at a great price is through refurbished units. When customers return products that are still in a new condition, companies will often ensure the quality of these products and resell them at a cheaper price. The DJI Refurbished program offers expertly certified used drones, enabling you to save without sacrificing quality.

DJI Refurbished products are available at steep discounts, and they meet performance and quality standards. DJI thoroughly tests refurbished products before selling them, and they include a full standard product warranty and new packaging. And if you’re not happy with your refurbished product, you can return it within seven days (just make sure that you haven’t activated it yet).

Many different models of refurbished DJI products are available right now from the DJI Online Store. Click here to see which models are currently available and get one today!

Recently, our best-selling Mavic Pro was also added to our selection of refurbished products! A refurbished Mavic Pro is $200 cheaper than a new Mavic Pro, so it’s a pretty good deal.

Refurbished drone

Holiday & Seasonal Promotions

Special occasions are an excellent time to treat yourself, or even get a loved one a gift to cherish. That’s why DJI always has a sale or promotion in time for holidays or seasons. These usually feature drones and combos at a lower price or even gifts with purchase, such as extra batteries and propellers, drone skins, and more! Some deals include as much as $100 in DJI Store credit, letting you grab whatever accessories you want, or use it to invest in another great product.

Education Discount

DJI values the expanded use of their products for not only hobbyists and professionals, but also for learning. For classroom and research use, DJI reserves a 10% Education Discount for students, educators, and research staff. As long as you have a verified educational email address, you qualify for this discount. Click here to apply.

drone education discount

Enterprise Purchase Program

In addition to schools, businesses are seeing the value of using drones and gimbals to achieve their organization’s goals. Media companies, creative agencies, energy and construction firms, and the public safety and infrastructure sectors are a few industries that have introduced and embraced UAV technology. To help support enterprises of every type, DJI offers the Enterprise Purchase Program to give discounts for bulk purchases of products like the Phantom, Mavic, Inspire series drones, as well as the Osmo series handheld gimbals. This program is currently available in the USA, Canada, Mainland China and the EU (excluding the UK). Click here to apply.

drone Enterprise discount

Local Events

To celebrate the opening of a new store, DJI will often sell popular products at a special lower price. When the new San Diego store opened in July, customers who purchased the first 30 units of the Phantom series, Mavic Pro, and Osmo received 10% off. DJI announces events through its official Facebook page, so be sure to follow them to know when something will happen near you.

Local event

Group Purchase

Professional events are also an excellent way to find a discount. Those who attend workshops can also take advantage of group purchase opportunities. For example, at the DJI Professional Aerial Workshop, participants can sign up for a group order of the Inspire 2 drone, receiving up to 10% off and two free TB50 batteries.

These are just some of the ways you can get your hands on that DJI product you’ve had your eyes on. Oh, just one more thing: make sure that you subscribe to the DJI Store at the bottom of our site to get emails about the latest on new deals and products coming your way.

DJI workshop

DJI Select Program

Some people just can’t get enough of DJI stuff. From our signature drones like the Mavic Pro to helpful add-ons like ND filters, there’s always an appealing new DJI product or accessory that’s tempting to purchase. Are you such a person? If so, consider joining our all-new DJI Select membership program. With DJI Care Select, you can enjoy all sorts of exclusive benefits and discounts!  Join DJI Select Today and Save! Click here to learn more.

dji select

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