Mavic 2 Zoom: Wide-Angle vs. Telephoto Shots

mavic 2 zoom

Mavic 2 Zoom is the first DJI drone to feature an optical zoom lens. In this article, you will discover the differences between wide-angle and telephoto shots and learn when to use them.

Reveal a Feature

Mavic 2 Zoom Wide Angle

Wide-Angle Shots

Wide-angle shots let you experiment with a more immersive field of view, providing the perfect opportunity to display stunning scenery. As a result, this type of shot is ideal for impressive landscapes.

Telephoto Shots

Telephoto shots are great for any subject that is positioned far away, capturing details with less distortion compared to a wide-angle shot. This type of shot can also be used to capture landscapes and the intricate details of the subject, foreground, and background.

Creative Compositions

Wide-Angle Shots

When it comes to immersing your audience in your surroundings, wide-angle shots are excellent at capturing many levels of detail from the environment. This makes for exciting landscape compositions where a short focal length and wide field of view can capture larger areas from a short distance away from the scene.

Telephoto Shots

With a telephoto shot, you can make your subject stand out while blurring the foreground and background.

Dramatic Space

Wide-Angle Shots

Wide-angle shots have less depth of field and are ideal for shooting larger scenes that include towering architecture and landscapes.

Telephoto Shots

Telephoto shots utilize an increased focal length that visually compresses the distance between the subject and background. This compression effect enhances the parallax effect for a classic cinematic look. When a wide-angle shot is combined with a telephoto shot, a stunning Dolly Zoom is produced.

Cinematic Effects

Mavic 2 Zoom POI

Wide-Angle Shots

While Point of Interest (POI) is an exciting drone mode, wide-angle shots taken with this mode do not compress the foreground and background.

Telephoto Shots

The telephoto shots in the POI mode provide an extra layer of visual impact due to the foreground and background compression.

Safe Photography

Mavic 2 Zoom Safe Photography

This is where a telephoto shot really comes in handy. For many aerial photographers, they often need to fly their drone close to the subject when shooting, which can make it tricky to capture the perfect shot from a safe distance. With the Mavic 2 Zoom, photographers can take photos from afar without disturbing their subject and without putting themselves at any risk. This means you can take pictures of the natural environment from a safe distance and capture unique moments that would otherwise be difficult to achieve at close proximity.

Mavic 2 Zoom: Get Closer to the Action

Wide-angle shots are great for revealing general scenery, while telephoto shots provide more creative shooting options. Whether you are capturing a unique moment in nature, looking for a way to shoot from a distance, or simply trying to make shooting safer, the Mavic 2 Zoom has got you covered.


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