We hope you’re enjoying your aerial adventures with the Mavic Air. No doubt, you’ll want to make the most of it, which is why we’ve rounded up six must have Mavic Air accessories for your perusal.

Intelligent Flight Battery

How frustrating it is when you have to wait for your drone to get charged for next flight. Professional aerial photographers usually have 3 or 4 spare batteries with them to meet their shooting goals. For beginner pilots, spare batteries are also a must for practice. So pack some extra batteries and make your exploration truly limitless! 


You’ll never regret keeping a few prop sets on hand as the fragile nature of propellers makes them easy to break. It would be a pity when you have just come up with a great aerial shooting idea but have to cancel the flight due to damaged props. So always keep these easy to mount, secure, durable, and well-balanced propellers in your Mavic Air kit!

SD Card

Even though you can store photos and videos on the Air without an SD card thanks to its 8GB internal storage. However, to make sure that you have enough space for 4K videos, it’s smart to bring along a Micro SD Cards with you. The certified SanDisk SD card lets you store every detail of your adventure, and your hair won’t turn gray waiting for your files to transfer between devices. You can record up to 40 minutes of 4K video with 32 GB storage and up to 80 minutes with 64 GB.

SanDisk Extreme microSD Card 32GB

Car Charger

This little gadget is a perfect travel companion, helping your Air stay charged on the go! The Car Charger charges the Intelligent Flight Battery through the car’s 12 V accessory socket. It comes with low-voltage protection to ensure you don’t bleed your car’s battery dry. Overheating protection will automatically cut off charging if the accessory port exceeds a certain temperature.

Charging hub

Why charge your batteries one by one when you can trust DJI’s intelligent charging hub to handle everything? The Mavic Air Battery Charging Hub is designed for use with the Mavic Air Intelligent Fliht Battery. When used with the Mavic Air Power Adapter, it can charge up to four Intelligent Flight Batteries in sequence according to their power levels, and from high to low. Power up with this charging hub!

ND Filters Set

Simply speaking, ND filters help avoid overexposure so that you don’t get overly dark or bright images. This set is specially made for the Mavic Air, including ND4, ND8, and ND16 filters, reducing light by 2/3/4 stops. Capturing great photos in a wider range of environments has never been easier! Get them now and enjoy better control of the image quality and camera settings.

Travel Bag

All the potential damages your Mavic Air could suffer (scratches, bumps, and scrapes, etc.) during transportation can be a headache! But not if you have a travel bag, where you can store the Mavic Air and its accessories. This bag can hold the aircraft, controller, 3 batteries, a smartphone, a battery charging hub, a charger, and smaller accessories such as cables. Give your drone the best protection and prolong its life!

You have to be on the ball to get these as our stock disappears in a flash due to high demand. Remember to sign up our in-stock reminder to get notified once they are available! Which accessories are you using or planning to have? Let us know on Facebook!

Happy flying!

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