Mavic Mini: Best Settings & Tips for Flying Indoors

mavic mini indoor

Mavic Mini is the perfect drone for everyday fight. Take a look at our best Mavic Mini indoor flight tips and settings for beginners and experienced pilots. From DJI Fly settings to indoor flight preparation, we’ve got it all covered in this article!

Despite the allure of the great outdoors, bad weather and other uncontrollable factors can make it difficult to enjoy flying your drone. While flying indoors is not recommended unless absolutely necessary, Mavic Mini offers a safe and reliable way to practice flying in a controlled space. With the correct pre-flight procedures, flight modes, and app settings, you can safely take your adventure indoors. Let’s get started with our indoor flying tips!

Pre-Flight Tips

Flying safely is the number one concern when flying indoors. Before you turn Mavic Mini on, make sure you first follow these pre-flight tips.

1. Use Propeller Guards

The Mavic Mini 360° Propeller Guard is a requirement for flying indoors, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot. The lightweight guard fully protects you and everything around you by preventing the propellers from hitting any objects. With the propeller guard attached, Mavic Mini offers a maximum flight time of 18 minutes, which is plenty of time to whizz around indoors.


2. Map out Your Environment

Wherever you plan to fly, having a good understanding of your environment will help you fly safely. Once you’ve prepared a safe, controlled space, it’s helpful to visualize or map out your flight path before you start flying.

3. Prepare Your Room

Check out the area, move any large objects away from the center of the room, pay attention to any hanging fixtures, and prepare an empty space for takeoff. In addition to letting everyone know where and when you plan to fly, move your pets to another room where you won’t be flying.

mavic mini indoor

4. Check the Lighting Conditions

This tip might sound simple, but it is absolutely necessary if you have to fly your drone indoors. Only fly during the daytime in well-lit areas, do not attempt to fly at night. While you are indoors, the GPS signal may be lost, which means Mavic Mini will rely on its Vision Positioning Sensors. The drone sensors work best when there is ample light in the room, so we can’t stress enough how important this tip is.

Mavic Mini flying indoor

5. Turn on CineSmooth

The next tip is to enter the DJI Fly app and change the flight mode to CineSmooth. This indoor-friendly feature will slow down the movement of your drone, giving you all the precision and control you need to fly safely indoors. You can also adjust the control sensitivity of the gimbal, which gives you more control over your images when you are flying.

DJI FLY APP CineSmooth Mode

6. Turn on Hover

While RTH is an incredibly useful feature to use when you are flying outdoors, remember to select the hover option in the DJI Fly app if you fly indoors. This makes Mavic Mini hover in place using its Vision Sensors if there is any loss of signal. 

turn off RTH in DJI Fly App when flying indoor

7. Adjust Exposure Levels

We go back to DJI Fly with our last tip before takeoff. Adjust your exposure levels in the DJI Fly app to ensure you have the optimum visibility from your smartphone. Test out different settings to make sure your flight is safe and your pictures look great.

Flying Tips 

Now that pre-flight planning and setup are completed, you’re ready to take off. But before you reach for the remote controller, here are a few essential tips for flying your drone indoors.

1. Manual Take Off

While Auto Take Off is another convenient Mavic Mini feature that is perfect for any outdoor adventure, indoor flying requires a whole new approach. Only use manual takeoff, which ensures you will have complete control over your drone.

mavic mini indoor

2. Monitor Drone Status

Keep checking the DJI Fly app for your real-time drone status. Always keep an eye out for your drone’s battery life and signal connection strength. Indoor environments can interfere with your connection, so fly cautiously indoors.

3. Minimize Your Movements

Keep it simple when you fly indoors. While Mavic Mini offers several different types of QuickShots, do not attempt to use any of these indoors. Your movements should be slow and simple. Practice flying in short straight lines and minimize yaw movements for a safe flying experience.

4. Stay Clear of Objects

Avoid flying anywhere near ceilings, walls, and other objects.


Mavic Mini is an exceptional mini drone that offers plenty of features suitable for flying indoors. Weighing less than 250 g and sporting powerful camera features, the Everyday FlyCam is the ideal drone to continue your creative adventures indoors. Whether you wish to get in a few hours of flight practice or are stuck indoors due to bad weather, flying indoors can be both safe and enjoyable. Pick up Mavic Mini today, follow our indoor flying tips, and prepare yourself for a new world of indoor adventure!

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