The Best 12 Must-Have Mavic Pro Accessories for Travelers and Everyone

Like all of DJI’s consumer drones, the Mavic Pro is ready to fly right out of the box. Just pop two propellers on and you’re good to go (two come pre-attached).

But if you look around on the internet, you’ll see that some users don’t just settle for the basics. Picking up some spare parts and add-ons can set you and your Mavic Pro apart from the crowd.


7 Must-Have Accessories for Travelers and Everyone

1. Extra Batteries Check the Price

Avid UAV pilots know that one battery is never enough. While the Mavic has a maximum flight time of 27 minutes, that’s only in windless conditions and flying at a constant speed of 15 kph. If you appreciate a good adrenaline rush and like flying in Sport mode, your flight time will be closer to 20 minutes, or less. Flying for just 20 minutes can be kind of a buzzkill. If you want to fly more, consider getting yourself a Mavic Pro Fly More Combo, or two or three extra batteries.

2. Extra Propellers Check the Price

No one wants to crash, but it happens to the best of us. Maybe you accidentally descend into some tree branches, or you fly just a little too confidently and clip the side of a building. If you do crash, your propellers are the first thing to break. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a spare set on hand.

3. Battery Charging Hub (Advanced) Check the Price

The single-battery charger included with the Mavic Pro does its job well, but swapping out fully charged batteries for uncharged ones requires time and attention. The new Mavic Pro Advanced Battery Charging Hub is a smart, quick and reliable way to charge up to four Intelligent Flight Batteries in a single session.

The Advanced Battery Charging Hub automatically identifies battery power levels and charges them accordingly, from highest to lowest. Compared to the standard charging hub, the advanced version fully charges four batteries in one hour less. Used together with a Phantom 4 charger, the charging time can be reduced to 2.5 hours.

4. Aircraft Sleeve Check the Price

The Mavic Pro Aircraft Sleeve provides additional peace of mind during transport and storage. With a soft, padded interior, the Aircraft Sleeve minimizes the risk of the drone being scratched or damaged and prevents dust from accumulating during storage.

5. Propeller Guards Check the Price

Protect people and objects nearby from spinning propellers by mounting these light plastic bumpers under the motors. Propeller Guards aren’t necessary for experienced pilots, but they’re a helpful accessory for new pilots and when flying in tight spaces or indoors.


Mavic Accessory Propeller Guard6. Shoulder Bag Check the Price

Having climbed my fair share of mountains with aerial photography equipment in tow, I can confidently say that the Mavic Pro and its Shoulder Bag are a godsend. Phantom and Inspire series drones are fantastic, but unless you’re up for a serious challenge, bringing them up mountains in bulky backpacks can be a hassle.

Specially designed for the Mavic Pro, the Shoulder Bag is small, compact, and perfect when traveling light. With the Mavic and remote controller in the main pocket, you can fit three additional batteries, a smartphone, extra cables, and accessories in the side pockets. Save yourself back strain and pick up the Shoulder Bag!

Check out our Mavic Pro Cases & Backpack Buying Guides to find out which option is best for you.

7. Car Charger Check the Price

This accessory is a must-have for long road trips, and the Car Charger charges batteries faster than the standard wall charger! It only takes 54 minutes to charge one battery fully, and four batteries charge in just 3 hours and 15 minutes with the Mavic Battery Charging Hub (Advanced).

The Best 5 Accessories for Aerial Photography & Extra Fun

1. Remote Controller Monitor Hood Check the Price

When lining up the perfect shot, seeing your phone screen clearly is invaluable. Bright sunlight can make this difficult, and the Mavic Remote Controller Monitor Hood is the perfect fix. This hood shields your smartphone and the remote controller screen from direct sunlight, giving you a consistently clear view.

2. SanDisk Micro-SD Card (64GB) Check the Price

The Mavic Pro comes with a 16GB Micro-SD card. 16GB is enough for many users, but when shooting lots of 4K video, 16GB may be limiting, as that’s only enough for 35 minutes of 4k footage. A 64GB SanDisk Micro-SD Card can record around 145 minutes in 4K.

SanDisk Extreme microSD Card 64GB

3. ND Filters Set Check the Price

ND filters are like sunglasses for your camera. An ND filter allows you to adjust your shutter speed, ISO, or aperture without worrying about overexposure. This extra control over your camera settings during the daytime shooting gives you more creative control over your shots. For more information about ND filters, check out this article: ND Filters for Your Drone – How They Work and Which Ones to Use.

4. An Extra Remote Controller Check the Price

Lots of Mavic users don’t know this, but the Mavic supports dual-operator control. With an extra controller, you can help a friend who’s new to drones learn how to fly. Both the primary and secondary remote controllers can command the aircraft and gimbal, but the primary remote controller will have priority. That allows a more experienced pilot to override a less experienced pilot’s control stick inputs and ensure flight safety. Also, the slave controller can control gimbal movement while the master controller controls flight, so you can cooperate with a friend to get some great shots!

5. DJI Goggles Check the Price

FPV (first-person view) drone flying is incredibly popular among enthusiasts. Flying with virtual reality goggles gives you a veritable bird’s eye view of your surroundings and makes for an exhilarating experience. Learn more about DJI Goggles here: DJI Goggles unboxing and review.

While DJI products support some third-party goggles, only DJI Goggles are designed by DJI for specifically for DJI drones. Two 1080p screens offer an 85° viewing angle for incredible flight immersion. Transmission is made possible by built-in OcuSync technology, which wirelessly communicates with the Mavic’s controller, unlike many FPV goggles that require a wired connection.

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