Mavic Pro Makes Your Life Different

With the “portability” gene inserted into the product design, the small yet powerful Mavic Pro drone has redefined consumer camera drones and made aerial photography easier than before. How can the Mavic Pro change your daily life? Let’s have a look at the stories.

No.1  Tech Geek Kai Man Wong

Professional photographer and tech geek Kai has played around with his fair share of cool gadgets. But the Mavic Pro is something different altogether, and has Kai pretty amazed.

Unfold the arms and launch the DJI GO 4 to use the Auto Takeoff feature. With just a few taps, the Mavic Pro will lift off. He loved that the folded Mavic was as compact as his DSLRs and was especially impressed by how small the gimbal and 4k camera was.

I can’t wait to see where technology takes me next.


No.2  Nomad Filmmaker Kylie FLavel

Kylie is the host, editor and producer of a popular travel channel on YouTube. Her weekly videos about her travels feature life and travel advice, gorgeous shoots in exotic locales and Kylie’s experience as a solo traveling producer. Many of her videos featured footage from her drones, including the DJI Mavic Pro

Kylie’s unique lifestyle of spontaneous traveling and filmmaking has inspired people across the globe.Whether she’s wandering the streets of Paris, having a tea break after exploring Kyoto, or island hopping throughout Thailand, with the companionship of her Mavic Pro she can capture and share her adventures with creativity and ease.

No adventure is complete without my Mavic.


No.3 Priceless Moments for Ellie & Jarred

Ellie and Jared share videos of their young boys Jackson and Calvin, (and their dog Penny), with more than a million fans across the world every day. They believe that every moment their family shares together is priceless and worthy of being remembered. With the Mavic Pro, they can document all these moments of their family’s love, shenanigans, and journey. Like in Gesture Mode, all they need is a gesture to capture their family’s fun moments in the snowfield.

They take the Mavic Pro wherever they go. For Ellie and Jared, how to use a drone was a bonding experience in itself. Kids and spouses could learn to fly drones, take pictures and make short films together. And perhaps the very act of recording meant that the family would do more ‘video worthy’ activities together.

We want to capture every laugh, smile and moment with our boys.


Get Your Mavic now!

Mavic Pro has brought wonderful changes to Kai, Kylie and Jared’s lives. And can to yours as well. Are you curious to explore how the companionship of a Mavic Pro will make your life different?


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