Osmo Pocket is not just a perfect tool to take quick shots during the day, but it can also capture some spectacular shots at night. You have probably already seen some long exposure pictures (NightShot) shot by Osmo Pocket at night, like this one:In this article, we want to show you six different ways to use NightShot with Osmo Pocket.


For shooting long exposure pictures, Osmo Pocket has to be switched to Pro mode, which enables you to adjust advanced camera settings. With the latest firmware update, Osmo Pocket does not need to be connected to a mobile device to enter Pro mode.Starting from the home screen, swipe downwards once and then three times to the left. Tap the PRO icon to activate Pro mode. When there is a small yellow PRO icon at the upper left corner of the Osmo Pocket display the activation was successful. The next step is to enter the exposure menu to choose the lowest ISO value and set the shutter speed as slow as possible (at least two seconds).

The slower the shutter speed, the more light enters the lens. We recommend you to use ND filters to avoid overexposed pictures.

Method 1: Traffic at Night

At nighttime, find a convenient spot next to a street and take some shots while cars drive by. Your images might look similar to this one:

Method 2: Light Circle

When the sun goes down, visit the amusement park to find different moving facilities with light decoration. Here we took a shot of a spinning carousel.

Method 3: Light Painting

Use lightsabers to draw pictures in the air. Keep the design simple so you can finish your painting as fast as possible, as you should not set the shutter speed extremely low to avoid overexposed images, especially if you do not have any ND-filters.

Due to the low shutter speed, your light drawing will show up in the picture.

If you don’t have a lightsaber, you can also use the display of one or a couple of phones to shoot creative long exposure pictures. We recommend setting up a dark room and allowing each mobile device to display just one color. Use your phone as a paintbrush to draw an image in the dark.

This technique might be simple, but the result is still astonishing. You can also add some objects to the image to create other effects. Here we used a bowl of water.

Method 4: Light Mandala

Prepare a shape-shifting laser pointer and enter a dark room with all the doors closed. After that, point the laser to the ceiling or a flat wall and change the light patterns.

Take shots while the laser dots shift positions. Possible results could look like this:

Method 5: Glowing Outline

Turn on the flashlight of your smartphone and move it along the outline of the main object, which could be a person, your pet, or anything else. In this case, we chose one of our team members as the main subject of the image.

And this is the result:

As you can see, there are many ways to create cool long exposures and Osmo Pocket is the perfect tool, thanks to a portable gimbal and an integrated high-performance camera.

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