Phantom 4 Series Accessories You Need Part Two: Travel and Adventure

Phantom 4 remote controller monitor hood

With so many useful accessories for the Phantom 4 to choose, which accessories are the best for traveling? Let’s take a look at six essential additions for users who take their Phantom 4 series drone wherever adventure takes them.

  1. A Multifunctional Backpack Check the Price

On a steep mountain hike or in a cramped aircraft compartment, your Phantom 4 drone needs to stay safe. Smartly designed, the Multifunctional Backpack is strong and water‑resistant, letting you easily run, fly or climb with your Phantom on your back. Multiple pockets inside and out store anything from your keys and wallet, to even external hard drives. A dedicated laptop compartment can hold a 15” MacBook Pro, letting you edit and upload your aerial shots on the spot.

Phantom series multifunctional backpack

Phantom series multifunctional backpack

  1. A Remote Controller Monitor Hood 

Bright, clear skies are perfect for flying your drone, right? Sure, but all that sunshine reflects off of your mobile device, creating a blinding glare and unclear display. And let’s face it: keeping one hand on the controller and the other shading the screen is a little annoying. You want to be concentrating on piloting and composing! With a Remote Controller Monitor Hood, your screen remains in the shade so you can see every important detail on display. Two sizes are available — for smartphones Check the Price  and tablets Check the Price  — to ensure the right fit for your exact mobile device.

Phantom 4 remote controller monitor hood

Phantom 4 remote controller monitor hood

  1. A Car Charger Check the Price

For drone flying along the open road, a Car Charger is a must-have. Fitting into a DC 12 V car outlet, this charger will bring your drained batteries back to life while you’re driving to the next destination, and works in a pinch when there are no power outlets in sight.

A Car Charger

  1. Drones Landing Pad Check the Price

Sometimes the best places to fly aren’t the best places to land. Instead of touching down on muddy or rocky ground and risking damage to the gimbal and camera, bring along a PGYTECH Drone Landing Pad. Foldable and light, it protects your drone when landing on otherwise risky surfaces. You can even use it to hone in on your landing accuracy.

Drones Landing Pad


  1. Extra Intelligent Flight Batteries Check the Price

The thing about traveling to new locations is not knowing what awaits you. This is great for new aerial adventures, but a problem for things like charging your batteries. With 30 minutes of flight time, an Intelligent Flight Battery isn’t enough for a few days’ worth of flying. Plan ahead and pack an extra battery or two… or three.

Phantom 4 series battery

  1. Extra Sets of Propellers Check the Price

Without a doubt, adventures worth taking involve risk. Just like taking on new challenges yourself, you’re going to push the limits of your Phantom drone and accidents may occur. Propellers usually take the brunt of this damage and can affect balance, flight efficiency, and propulsion, so it’s good to have at least two extra sets, and even more if you’re traveling for longer.

Phantom 4 series propellers

Not only is it possible to take your Phantom 4 series drone along for your next great journey, but it’s a great idea! These six accessories ensure that your drone will fly and capture your incredible moments as long as you’re willing to explore.

Thanks for reading! In part three, we profile even more great accessories for your Phantom! See you next time!


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