The RoboMaster S1 is an educational robot that combines AI technology, programming, and exciting gameplay modes to unlock the potential in every learner. With easy-to-use smart features like follow mode and intercom and impressive game modes like Free-For-All and Conquest, the S1 allows every user to unleash their full learning potential. Let’s discover why the RoboMaster S1 is the perfect educational gift for your children this holiday season.


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the RoboMaster S1

the RoboMaster S1






Assembling the RoboMaster S1 couldn’t be a better bonding opportunity for parents and their kids. The S1 comes with 46 programmable components and on average, takes about two hours to assemble. With comprehensive tutorial videos, manuals, and images, you’ll be operating your robot in no time. This is a perfect learning opportunity for your children and will undoubtedly improve their understanding of robotic It is also a two-hour parenting time that worth cherishing. It also will allow them to customize their S1 with innovative functions and features, further strengthening their operational skills.


Robust Modular Design

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Mecanum wheels

2-axis mechanical gimbal

The various parts and components that accompany the RoboMaster S1 allow users to customize the robot how they want. The omnidirectional movement has been optimized thanks to the 12 rollers that make up the four Mecanum wheels on the S1. A 2-axis mechanical gimbal provides users with an immersive first-person-view (FPV) of the action while intelligent sensing armor ensures that the S1 is protected from gel beads and infrared strikes. The S1 blaster features vivid sound effects and recoils action to provide an immersive battle simulation. It smartly utilizes LED lights to outline launch trajectories when using gel beads. An Intelligent Controller, equipped with an HD low-latency image transmission, is the perfect tool to ensure that all the features mentioned above are used effectively.


S1 blaster


A Comprehensive Educational Solution

The RoboMaster S1 is the result of years of technical research, which combines mechanical and electronic engineering with computer science. For the first time, STEAM educational disciplines have been integrated into the various smart features and controls. This allows children to broaden their comprehension in robotics in a fun and entertaining way.

The S1 supports both Scratch and Python programming languages. For new users, this introduces a terrific opportunity to learn how to code effectively. With Scratch 3.0, which is widely used worldwide, users will have access to a visual programming platform displayed in classic, colorful blocks. Operating as a dynamic programming language, Python enables its users to write clear and logical code. Both platforms will provide your children with the resources that they need to elevate their skills and understanding of coding and robotics.

DJI also offers beneficial educational resources for hands-on learning. Road to Mastery is an online series of project-based courses that aim to enhance your child’s understanding of programming language. Projects are geared towards both experts and beginners, helping to develop critical skills for mastering the S1. RoboAcademy provides students with multiple videos and a programming guide, which features detailed explanations of S1 blocks and modules. The interactive instructional videos cover all necessary material, such as programming methods, PID control, gimbals, coding, and robotics. These innovative solutions are excellent options for your kids to expand their knowledge of the RoboMaster S1 and how to customize it in unique ways.


Innovative AI Technology


The RoboMaster S1 is a striking example of machine efficiency, featuring ground-breaking AI technology. Six smart features allow the S1 to recognize lines, vison markers, people, clapping, gestures, and even other S1 robots. These excellent features not only immerse users into all that the S1 has to offer, but it also provides opportunities to master the robot’s essential functions. For instance, users can utilize vision markers as traffic lights or stationary targets, and write their own programs, allowing the S1 to operate automatically. This is an excellent chance for kids to hone their skills in classical mechanics and robotic control.



Thanks to various multiplayer modes, your child can use their knowledge and robotics skills to compete against friends and family. Build your own arena, program your RoboMaster S1, and let the gel beads fly!

The race allows you to build custom tracks to compete, using S1 features like Extreme Speed. In Free-For-All, apply pre-programmed custom skills to the arena and gain an edge in this winner-takes-all battle. For even more creative options and gameplay modes, Conquest is a fantastic feature for your kids. Divide into two teams and set up strongholds in various places. The first team to occupy all the opponent’s strongholds wins! With the RoboMaster app, platforms for competitions, as well as various operational methods, can be created and used to your advantage. The best way for users to solidify the programming knowledge they gained is to apply it in these fun and entertaining multiplayer modes.


RoboMaster Competition






The DJI RoboMaster competition is a major influence behind the creation of the RoboMaster S1. Every year, over 20,000 students from over 400 schools apply their intellect as well as their skills in engineering and robotics in a team effort. The arena is filled with fierce competition and constant thrills, all leading to one team being crowned the ultimate champion. Purchasing the RoboMaster S1 for your child is the first step towards them developing the skills and knowledge needed to excel in competitions like these.

This holiday season, do away with the cliché video games and toys and buy your kids something that will stimulate their brains and keep them productive during their free time. The RoboMaster S1 will always be the gift that keeps on giving!


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