Ronin-SC FAQ: Top 10 Questions Before You Buy

With a lightweight design and superior stabilization, Ronin-SC is DJI’s newest 3-axis stabilizer for mirrorless cameras, allowing users to create professional footage with ease. In this article, we handpicked 10 frequently asked questions about Ronin-SC to help make your buying decision.

1. What are the new features of Ronin-SC?

In addition to the creative shooting modes of Timelapse, Panorama, and 3D Roll 360, Ronin-SC offers two new intelligent functions, ActiveTrack 3.0 and Force Mobile.

ActiveTrack 3.0 uses optimized deep-learning algorithms for precise tracking, providing framing assistance to take complex shots with ease.

Force Mobile gives ultra-low latency and smooth control, making camera orientation control more intuitive.

2. What smartphones are compatible with Ronin-SC’s ActiveTrack 3.0? 

Ronin-SC’s ActiveTrack 3.0 supports most mainstream smartphones.

Android MODEL
Samsung Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, A9 Note 9
Google Nexus 6P
Huawei P20 Pro, P10, P9, Mate10 Mate 9 Pro, Nava3e, MT7-TL00
Honor Honor V10, Magic2
Vivo X21A, X27, NEXS
iPhone XS Max, XS ,  XR,  X, 8, 8, Plus, 7, 6S Plus, 6S

For the complete list of compatible smartphones, check here.

3. What is the optimal payload of Ronin-SC? What cameras are compatible with it? 

For optimal performance, Ronin-SC has a tested payload of up to 2.0 kg. Ronin-SC is compatible with most widely used cameras on the market.

Sony a7 Series, a9, a6500, a6400, a6300, RX100
Nikon Z6, Z7
Canon EOS R, M50
Panasonic GH5, GH5S, G9
Fujifilm X-T2, X-T3

For the complete list of compatible cameras, go here.

4. What is the difference between Ronin-SC and Ronin-S?

Ronin-SC is more tailored towards mirrorless cameras, so it is noticeably lighter and more portable. In addition, Ronin-SC has a wide range of auxiliary shooting functions and hardware designs optimized for better performance.

On the other hand, Ronin-S is designed for large and heavy cameras such as DSLRs, so it has a bigger payload.

5. What is the battery life of Ronin-SC? How long does it take to recharge the device?

Ronin-SC’s Intelligent Battery specifications are shown below.

Capacity 2450 mAh
Power 17.64 Wh
Max. Battery Life 11 h
Charging Time 2.5 h (5 V/2 A)
Charging Temperature 5° to 40°C (41° to 104°F)

6. What is the price of Ronin-SC? Are there different versions available?

There are two versions of Ronin SC available at the DJI Store:

Ronin-SC starts at $439, and the Pro Combo starts at $539. Compared with Ronin-SC, the Pro Combo also includes a Focus Wheel, Focus Motor, Focus Motor Mount Rod, and RSS Splitter.

7. What accessories does each version of Ronin-SC have?

Ronin-SC can connect with multiple DJI proprietary accessories, making it a versatile gimbal for different shooting scenarios. The following table lists the accessories of Ronin-SC and Ronin-SC Pro Combo according to different functions. 

Function Accessory Compatibility
Ronin-SC Ronin-SC Pro Combo
Camera Control Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Cable (Multi-USB)
Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C)
Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Adapter (Type-C To Micro USB)
Focus Control Ronin-SC Focus Motor  
Ronin-S/SC Focus Wheel  
Additional Support Ronin-S/SC Phone Holder
Ronin-S/SC Extended Grip
Ronin-SC Camera Riser
Ronin-S/SC Extended Lens Support

For the complete list of Ronin-SC accessories, please go here.

8. Is the Ronin-S Focus Motor compatible with Ronin-SC?

No. Only the Ronin-SC Focus Motor is compatible with Ronin-SC.

9. Does Ronin-SC support any after-sales service?

Ronin-SC is covered under DJI’s comprehensive after-sales services, with worry-free repairs guaranteed by its own DJI Care Refresh.

10. I have never owned a gimbal stabilizer before. Is Ronin-SC suitable for me?

If you have a mirrorless camera and want to use it to shoot videos on the go, chances are Ronin-SC is your best choice.

Ronin-SC is not only lighter and more portable, it incorporates multiple intelligent functions and user-friendly hardware designs optimized for reliable performance. For instance, Ronin-SC has a mechanical lock for each axis, enabling easy balancing and transporting, greatly save time and trouble.

Moreover, Ronin-SC has a powerful Ronin App with interactive instructions and tutorial videos. Even if you are using Ronin-SC for the first time, you can quickly master it.

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