Osmo Pocket offers three gimbal modes: Follow, Tilt Locked and FPV. Many beginners only know how to power on and start shooting immediately; many have no idea how to set up the gimbal modes depending on the shooting scenario. This article will introduce the differences between the three gimbal modes.

Osmo Pocket is the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera DJI has ever designed. Let’s first talk about what a 3-axis stabilized handheld camera is.

When you record a video with your mobile phone, the footage is often not stable enough.

A 3-axis stabilized handheld camera can effectively reduce shake by stabilizing the camera through the pitch, yaw, and roll.

1- Pitch ▼

2- Yaw ▼

3- Roll ▼


The 3-axis stabilization gimbal makes your footage stable and smooth.

Next, let’s check out the three gimbal modes.

Follow Mode

Follow Mode is the most frequently used mode that supports stabilization in three directions. The gimbal moves consistently with the handle to ensure stable and smooth footage.

Osmo Pocket is usually used to record moving subjects. Just tap on a subject, and ActiveTrack intelligently follows.▼

Osmo Pocket is also the perfect tool to take selfies. ▼

FaceTrack ▼

Capture beautiful scenery wherever you are. ▼

Tilt Locked

In Tilt Locked mode, only the pan axis moves, supporting the same stabilization effect as Follow Mode. The pitch will be locked. Even if you sway the gimbal from side to side or up and down, the gimbal camera will still face the front direction.
This mode is perfect for recording forward and backward motions, such as jogging or walking scenarios, ensuring that the basic composition stays the same. ▼

In Tilt Locked mode, tilt the camera until it faces straight ahead, and Osmo Pocket will enter Flashlight mode automatically, allowing you to create wonderful images, even in narrow and small spaces. ▼

FPV Mode

FPV mode offers you an immersive perspective. In FPV mode, the three axes are not locked and the gimbal provides more relaxed stabilization.

As the gimbal rotates more flexibly in FPV mode, the footage you create will have a higher sense of immediacy. Use Osmo Pocket to record action-filled moments to create stunning and immersive footage. ▼

Before We Say Goodbye

Osmo Pocket is a compact creative companion for countless capability. Choose Follow, Tilt Locked, or FPV mode to ensure the best gimbal mode for your shooting scenario. Take full advantage of Osmo Pocket and all it has to offer.

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