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Source: SkyPixel Photographer: Renee Lusano

Are you disheartened by how uncool you look in selfies? Never had an Instagram-worthy photo? Or you are just not a big fan of selfies because you can’t imagine it to be stunning? Leave the past behind. Drones open up a whole new world of selfies possibilities. Here are some cool drone selfie tricks which can definitely inspire you. Grab your drone, aim higher and let your drone selfies take your breath away!

Drone Selfies: Photos


Appearing as shadows would certainly have a wow factor. This is especially true when you can look at your shadow from another angle which you can’t achieve without a drone. Fly your drone to a  height that allows you to compose your photo as you desire. Shadow, camera, action! A unique selfie is yours.

drone selfies
Source: SkyPixel Photographer: C. Oberschneider
drone selfies
Source: SkyPixel Photographer: Drew Kass

 Long Exposure Shots

Long exposure can create stunning photos. With the help of glow sticks or a flashlight, you can easily light paint and set a unique background for your selfie.  Fly your drone to a suitable height and compose your photo. Then adjust the shutter speed to around 2 seconds. Your spectacular selfie is ready! Make sure your drone’s GPS signal is good so your aircraft doesn’t drift.

drone selfies

drone selfies

High-angle Shot

Think how you can take advantage of what is around you to make your selfies really stand out. Why not fly your drone up and make a high-angle shot? Impress people with the unique view that can add impact to your selfie.

drone selfies
Source: SkyPixel Photographer: Manish Mamtani
drone selfies
Source: SkyPixel Photographer: 970504711


Video Selfies

 Active Track

Camera dolly, a professional videographer, slider? Are you overwhelmed by the gear you need for producing a film in which you are the leading role? Now you don’t need any of them because your drone can do everything at once!

Step 1: Enter the intelligent flight mode menu and select ActiveTrack mode.drone selfies

Step 2: Drag a box around you to set the target and tap GO.

cool drone selfie

Step 3: You can choose how you want the drone to follow you. In trace mode, it will follow behind you as you move away. In profile mode, your drone will fly beside you and move in parallel. While your drone is following, you can push the right control stick left or right, it will automatically circle around you.

drone selfies

Step 4: Tap record. No matter where you go, your drone will follow you.  You can edit and share your videos in DJI GO and DJI GO4.

drone selfies

drone selfies


Imagine you are standing on a mountain or by the sea. As the camera moves backwards, the whole picture starts to reveal. Tapfly mode will help you get some truly interesting reveal shots.

Step 1: Fly your drone parallel to you and make sure that the camera facing towards you.drone selfies

Step 2: Select Tapfly mode, tap the direction in which you would like to fly, then tap GO when you’re ready. Just as easy as that!

drone selfies

Now you have gotten some selfie ideas, why not try them out? Don’t forget to share your awe-inspiring drone selfies with us on our Offical Owners Facebook group and Skypixel.

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