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  • With bright colors, fun music, and insane dance moves, this groovy short video displays the full creative force of #OsmoMobile3. #DJICreator @yakfilms captures the essence of Jamaica’s lively culture while proving that a foldable gimbal stabilizer is the ideal companion for capturing content on the go.
  • Following your choice to explore upstairs, Seth and Jacob split up to setup shots in different rooms on the second floor. Meanwhile, Amy and Derek make their way into the kitchen, a room they believe has been untouched for 80 years. Searching through the room, Amy discovers a clue suggesting that a more recent visitor of the farmhouse has gone missing. Paranoia escalates as Jacob frantically returns downstairs without Seth. #DJIGhosted
  • Osmo Action took center stage at #RedBullStraightRhythm capturing stunning POV footage of the races. This was an extra memorable moment captured by @TravisPastrana.
#DJI #OsmoAction #UnleashYourOtherSide #RedBull #Motocross #Supercross #ActionCam #Osmo
  • Home to many iconic places such as Fushimi Inari, Gion, Tokyo Station, and the Grand Palace, it’s no surprise that Thailand and Japan are considered two of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. From dramatic cosplay costumes and traditional kendo to the bustling streets of Bangkok, #DJICreator Le Nham Quy (@howmanycountry) displays the beauty of traveling in style. Follow along as he explores these two dynamic countries, utilizing the lightweight and incredibly portable #OsmoMobile3.
  • The crew from the paranormal vlog channel “Ghosted” kicks off their next episode at the Rogers Farm. While clickbait hungry Derek is preoccupied creating fake scares and growing subscribers, Amy begins to sense that they might not be alone. Vote on what happens next to investigate and find out the truth about the haunted farmhouse. #DJIGhosted
  • Their fate is in your hands… Watch Ghosted, an interactive DJI Original series starting October 7. #DJIGhosted
#halloween #happyhalloween #spooky
  • When your house becomes your digital FPV playground @beverlyhillsaerials | Shot on the #DJI Digital FPV System and Osmo Action.
  • Osmo Mobile 3 is the perfect creative accessory for a day of skating. Whether you’re ripping the bowl or just cruising around the streets, this foldable smartphone gimbal was made to capture it all. Use it to get super smooth footage, or take advantage of countless intelligent features such as ActiveTrack 3.0, Sport mode, Gesture Control, and more. | Credit: @wangstin
  • Get out there and let your next adventure unfold. | Credit: @samkolder | Shot on #DJI #MavicAir

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